Vocabulary That Tickles

It wouldn’t be so funny if it’s just a “man”.

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Ok, now that’s funny.

I’ve got a convenient secret!


My newest favorite Japanese word is 爆睡 (ばくすい), which you might recognize from 爆発 (ばくはつ, “explosion”) and 睡眠 (すいみん, “sleep”). Explosive sleep!! For when someone’s dead tired.

I mentioned this newly-discovered word to a friend of mine, and later that day (after a long day of work) she messaged me 爆睡してください! :rofl:


外交がいこう because I can imagine the geko from the GEICO(it sounds the same) commercials, participating in diplomacy, pressing their little hands onto the button to turn on their mic. :rofl:

凸凹(でこぼこ) = unevenness

The first time I heard it, I had to look it up in the dictionary and as soon as I saw the kanji characters, I burst out laughing. It made so much sense.:joy:

Other favorites are:

過半数(かはんすう) = Majority
(Exceed + half + number)

狂犬病(きょうけんびょう) = Rabies
(Crazy + dog + sick)

衣食住(いしょくじゅう) = Necessities of life
(Clothes + food + dwelling)

胡散臭い(うさんくさい) = Suspicious, shady
(Barbarian + scattering + smell)

The last one I learned when my coworker was describing our new captain, who had a hairy face and smelled tobacco.:joy:


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