Vocabulary not fully completed

I am currently at level 4, and I just learned all of my level 3 vocabulary, but under the vocabulary session in the level 3 menu, the meter only shows 70/75, with 70 of them having a little red circle on them, and 5 without the red circle. The ones without the red circle are the first level 3 vocab I learned, so I don’t now what’s going on there.

Vocabs don’t count towards levelling-up. Only kanji do (you have to get 90% kanji of current level to graduate).

In order to unlock the vocab, you must guru the associated kanji. You only need 90% of the kanji to level up, so it’s possible to hit a new level without learning all of the vocab from the previous one.

Also, the red circle means “new”, as in, this vocab was newly unlocked (within the last 3 days). You will learn the kanji for new in level 9.

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