Vocabulary Flashcard Printable PDFs by Level


I appreciate all the great work =^_^=

If it is not too hard, would it be possible to also have them, and the kanji ones, without the stroke order?
I found the numbers was more in the way when only reviewing meaning/reading. Made it harder to instantly recognise. Handwriting is my last priority of all Japanese studies =P
If possible, a font closer to what wanikani uses on the big kanji would be loved =)
If too hard I’ll gladly continue using the current ones. =^_^=


It is actually only a few seconds to tweak the code to get easy changes like that.

One day soon, when I have about three hours of uninterrupted time, I will completely finish the project.

I am happy for the input. :slight_smile:


Hey, @Toyger, I forgot all about this.
How is something like this for the radicals?
Radicals w/o Stroke Order
It really does only take a second to make this kind of a tweak. It takes longer to log into my host and upload the new document.
I hope that your animals are well. :slight_smile:


Beautiful! Love it!


I just found an error on one of the cards which I will fix.
It really is nice looking at nice bold letters.


Woah cool! Thank you!!


I am sorry that I am putting things up that are not entirely perfect. The radicals, especially, are very weird because many are not part of most fonts.
So, if you look through that last deck, there are some weirdly miss-printed cards.
I will keep working with it until I get it all straight.


These are wonderful!
Would someone be willing to create cards for L31-L60?
I thank you in advance!


This is my first time ever writing a message here in Wanikani, I really wanted to thank you for sharing these PDFs with us, it is very useful for me to practise the stroke orders. As I realized, I might be able to easily read a kanji, but I am completely lost when it comes to writing it…
I then wanted to create my own flashcards with stroke order diagrams but couldn’t find anywhere a JPG format for these diagrams that we see on Tangorin and Jisho. It would have been too mouch time-consuming for me to make screenshots and organize them into flashcards.

Does anyone know why we cannot find anywhere those stroke order diagrams in image format of some sort ?

Anyway, thank you very much for putting these PDFs online, I will use the mini kanji ones, hoping for new cards for levels above!

Have a great day :slight_smile:


There is a free font called Kanji Stroke Order, perhaps you can use that instead of image files.


Thank you, does it show the numbers for the order ?


Yes it does. You can download it from here: http://www.nihilist.org.uk/


Wow this is great! Thank you I may use this for levels above 10! :smiley:


Hey all! I am back to studies. I will be finishing my flashcard project soon!
I am sorry that I dropped the project, but I work about 60 hours a week, plus I have pets and plants and people who require my attention.
I love Wanikani!

@Furainguwitchi, @sylvia94 ありがとうございます。