"Vocabulary Examples" - it finally happened

For awhile I’ve wondered if there would be any kanji that had three examples using a reading other than the one they were teaching. (I very well could have missed one before this. It’s just the first one to pop out to me since in this case I know all three of those words already).

So, are there any example vocabulary that stood out to you so far? Obviously some of the example sentences are patently ridiculous and/or hilarious, but has the vocabulary itself ever caught your attention?


Life () is still vivid in my memories, considering it has tons of kun’yomi:




生地、that crazy きじ thing should also be there

For me the latest item driving me wild is the 野原•のはら :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Jesus is the key!!!


It’s always annoying when this happens because vocabulary helps retain the reading but if all the vocabulary you learn uses a different reading it makes it even harder to remember the other one.

in those cases stick to the mnemonics until it becomes natural.

I’m used to Nohara from place names, but I’m totally unfamiliar with the reading for 生地! what a mess.

I found the example vocabulary for 台 to be a bit silly. IIRC it was 一台, 二台, and 五台. It’s literally just counting, why do I need this? :laughing:

Well there’s a lot of counters that don’t just go by the normal counting system. Kun’yomi counters for the first ten days and ten things as well as the exceptions in pronunciation like 一回(いっかい - changed いち).

I guess 台 is just one of the first counters you get exposed to so it’s covering many examples anyway despite it being pretty consistent. I’m not completely sure, but that’s my guess.

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