Vocab relevance

Wishing there was a version of Wanikani that used a vocabulary that was more relevant to daily life. Very hard to be motivated by words such as three versions of ‘reasoning’ or grammatical terms. Obviously it is modelled on expected learning of native japanese speakers so they can write essays in high school but darn…I’m losing interest :frowning:


It’s modelled on the vocabulary level of adult English speakers learning Japanese, and as such, it’s not necessarily the vocabulary you’d use day-to-day in Japanese. The vocab is included only as a means to reinforce the kanji readings.


I’ve seen lots of people talk about the mid thirties slump. The vocabulary becomes more esoteric and by that point you’ve been doing WK for a long time.

I think the standard advice is to slow down on WK and branch out into other learning modes inline with your goals for learning Japanese


The vocabulary stem from the kanji…I don’t think it’s the Japanese language’s fault just the choice and direction taken from Wanikani inc blessed be their name but… :yawning_face:

I honestly wonder why people feel that way. I remember encountering so much lvl 25-40 vocab while reading. A lot of moments where I’d see the word in the wild shortly after learning it. It was really motivating.

Casual conversation? Maybe less so. But you learn kanji to be able to read, and quite a lot of the vocab is still very useful.


Even in levels 50 through 60 there were multiple words per level that I had already partially learned either from reading or from hearing them in anime haha


Except for that one word in level 50.

“Wanikani?” When does that ever come up???


B-but I just used that word in a Japanese conversation on a Discord channel a few minutes ago!


Thanks for putting it all into perspective for me-‘mid thirties slump’ that’s for sure. Not ready to commit Wanikani suicide just yet, already had several attempts. Just want to one day get to level 60, like Belthazar! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: