Vocab question - 家賃

Just want to make sure I understand 家賃. It doesn’t mean mortgage, right? Mortgage is 住宅ローン, right? 家賃 is something a tenant pays, right?

Sorry if this is belabored but I keep thinking its mortgage when the examples on the card seem to indicate rent instead . . .

Seems to specifically be rent, yeah.

Goo defines 家賃 as:


It further defines 借り賃 as:


Looking up the word in a J-J dictionary can often help for this kind of thing, even if you have to look up several of the words from the definition in a J-E dictionary.


Is Goo a J-J online dictionary? I haven’t used one before and not immediately finding one. Jisho and translators are popping up

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Oops! Nvm. Just found goo.

In case others are looking: https://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/

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What are you searching for? Something like 国語辞典 should work. For just finding any monolingual dictionary, not necessarily goo. Though goo is my first result when I search for that.


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