Vocab description doesn't match word

The description says it means “to fling open” but that doesn’t work when answering. Although i could of sworn it worked two days ago…

Cant seem to link to the word but its: 開放する

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Thats weird, I remember this being a synonym for the word as well. As of right now, however, it is not a synonym.

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I think they recently updated some of the valid synonyms.

inochi [solo fate kanji] was life and lifeforce, but it recently lost the lifeforce synonym. I was a tad disappointed.

kaihousuru is one of my leeches too. I really liked “to fling open” as a meaning. IIRC, it also had “to liberate” as a synonym too.

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Not sure why they would change this, either. To liberate is also correct…so why change it? Oh well, at least adding user synonyms is an option. Just a weird change.

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Yeah, I would just add the synonyms back in the way you learned them.

It also goes to show how important an override button is. If I didn’t have that, this sort of disruptive change would be extremely frustrating.

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Hmm, well in this case they need to change the vocab meaning explanation:

Meaning Explanation
When you open then release, say, a door, you’re flinging it open (because, well, you released it!). So, this word, with the する to make it an action, means to fling open.

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So it wasn’t just me!

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Woah, you guys don’t miss anything. I think I was in the process of changing this item’s info when you saw it.

Basically, we removed the other meanings because “to fling open” is a bit misleading. We use 開け放つ for that. And “to liberate” would be 解放する.

As for 開放する, it’s more for opening something to the public, not the physical act of flinging open a real door.


Hey, it’s the internet you’re dealing with, nothing happens without somebody noticing it :stuck_out_tongue:

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