Vocab audio to listen to when working

Hello all! I recently began my wanikani journey and am enjoying it so far.

I have been thinking, something that could benefit me (and perhaps others) would be a collection of audio recordings of the vocab learned so far (perhaps repeated a couple of times in Japanese) and then the meaning in English. These could also be grouped in terms of levels.

I’m aware that I could find things almost like this on YouTube but probably not matching the vocab I specifically am learning on Wanikani.

I am sort of tempted to create something like this myself but worried I would butcher the Japanese pronunciation and this could leave to bad habits.

Interested to hear others thoughts or suggestions in this regard.


Are you asking to have all the vocabulary recordings in one place?
Wanikani currently has two recordings for (almost) every vocabulary item.

If you want more, you could try https://forvo.com/


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