Visually similar kanji not flagged

I’m not sure on what basis when two kanji are similar but many times confusingly similar kanji - at least to me - don’t seem to be flagged. Is this something WK does it is it a thing in Japan? I’ve just come across 揚 and it says there are no similar Kanji but it looks very close to 場 to me. Anyone else found that similar looking kanji not flagged?

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They rely on people to email them when they have suggestions for to be added.

I’m not sure I understand what “is it a thing in Japan” means.


I think they mean, whether Japanese people formally study similar kanji side-by-side to remember how they are different. And/or whether the “visually similar kanji” are identified by the Japanese school system or something, or if that’s WK only. For the former, I have no idea, but probably; and for the latter, it’s probably WK only.

I have come across ones that were not flagged, too. Sometimes I put notes on the kanji with the similar kanji and an explanation of how they are different.

If you look at the October 9 2020 Content Updates threads, you’ll notice visually similar kanji being added all the time.

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