:crabigator: Visual WK Mnemonics

I got this idea from answering a post from @Oshin in another thread.

This is a visualization for a Radical. I haven’t done these before, but it makes sense as some of them are a bit of a mind bender to see.

So here’s the first one:

Radical - 飛 - Fly - Level 20

( Koichi’s Mnemonic: This radical is pretty complicated, but not much looks like this radical, so you’re in luck. This looks like a giant flying fortress of some kind. See the propellers on the back as it moves to the left? Just imagine something like this flying through the air. That’s why this radical is fly, because it is flying.)


Radical - Meaning
Author: Aikibujin
Inspired by: @Oshin

That thing looks so freaking perfect for that Radical that I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s exactly what @koichi was thinking of for it.


So does this one from marinauyeda

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