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I’ll probably move a few over from the old gallery each day. That way people can see them a couple at a time, instead of having to browse through the whole thing. :weary:

This one is a new one though, not from the previous gallery.

I actually had the idea for this one before the previous thread went dormant, but never got around to doing it.

海 - うみ - Ocean - Level 6

( Koichi’s Mnemonic: You visit the sea. Strangely, it asks you who is visiting. You’re so full of yourself (even in front of the sea/ocean) that you reply: “um, me?” (うみ).)

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Notes: I changed the context of this one a bit. Instead of being full of oneself, this one’s more realizing how insignificant you are compared to the ocean and thus the “um… me?” is rather timid.

Vocab - Reading
Author: Aikibujin

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Vocab - Reading
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