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Finally the conclusion to the Naruto Raise/Lower series!

下がる - さがる - To Get Lower - Level 1

@koichi’s Meaning Explanation: This is an intransitive verb. That means it does not take a direct object. The kanji means below so this means something gets lower, by falling or dropping. For example: Prices get lower or fall. Squirrels come down from trees. See? No direct object here. That’s why this verb means to get lower or to fall.

Dedicated to: @marinauyeda ^ _ ^
Read as: In the Saga of Naruto.

The next one follows directly on from this one:

下げる - さげる - To Lower - Level 1

@koichi’s Meaning Explanation: The kanji itself means below so the verb version of that is when you put something below you. It’s to lower something. This is a transitive verb. That means it takes a direct object. You lower something. Like your blood pressure!

Dedicated to: @marinauyeda ^ _ ^
Read as: However, once he achieved Sage mode



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