:crabigator: Visual WK Mnemonics

This is one I completed a while ago (the last in my stockpile).

羊 - ひつじ - Sheep - Level 6

Vocab Reading = ひつじ
Kanji Reading = よう

( Koichi’s Mnemonic: Imagine a Sheep fighting with Jesus. The first thing it does is hits Jesus (ひつじ) in the stomach with its fists, then hits Jesus again with its horns. Try to imagine this playing out, with an announcer calling the shots as well. )

It felt too weird to actually have a visualization of a sheep hitting Jesus (and it probably couldn’t anyway :sunglasses: ), so I settled on this:


And in case anyone was wondering, it’s just an exhibition bout for charity, purely for fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Vocab - Meaning & Reading
Kanji - Meaning & Reading
Author: Aikibujin