Visual similarity between 昆 and 皆

It’s no 未/末 situation, but the confusion potential is still there, especially when you still learn the kanji, so I find it kinda weird they’re not listed as “visually similar” in the system.


oh no, am gonna start confusing them now lol!
it’s true they tend to capture the side by side ones more
i have slight up/down dyslexia (i flip ratios rather than invert letters) so i can see it happening.

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Not listing it isn’t a declaration that they aren’t similar, it just means no one has suggested that match to them.

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I just found it weird that it hasn’t come up so far, given the connection is easier to draw than, say, 丹 vs. 飛.

Are you saying 丹 and 飛 are visually similar (or should be listed as such)?

Oh, no, I’m saying they’re already listed as such:

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Is that a script? They’re not listed on the pages I’m looking at. 丹 has 舟 and 凡 on the page when I look. And 飛 has nothing.

Whoops, yeah, turns out that’s from a script.

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I get the same visual similar kanji, the coloring reminds me of the Phonetic-Semantic composition script, although that doesn’t add anything to the visual similar kanji section for as far as I know. It’s definitely some kind of script though.

飛 and 丹 seems like a mistake to me… they’re not related by 旧字体 or anything I can see either. Maybe I’m just missing something.

Yeah, the culprit was “Niai Similar Kanji”.

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The composition script didn’t list them as similar either (it usually just adds a new section to the kanji page), the only reason it came to mind is because it uses the exact same coloring and layout.

I assume it’s from some other script that adds more visual similar kanji or something? Can’t really be sure, I don’t really see any relation between the two kanji.

That explains it, although it’s kind of weird that it lists them as visually similar. To me at least they look nothing alike.

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I remember it as follows:

昆 - descendants - are people who come after me. So there are at the bottom.

皆- All - whenever a performer/emcee wants to welcome everyone they raise their hands. All of them will stand up and clap.


That’s how I try to remember it.


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