Visual Novel Book Club - Planning Phase

Daedalus is one I’ve had my eye on and bought on a sale a while back. Apparently it’s a prequel to what’s been localized as the Jake Hunter series in English. (I don’t think I’ve played any of those myself.) Detective work, no sexual content, <10hrs according to 1 vote on vndb

Sadly the reviews aren’t so good. Still planning to play it eventually.

This one also looks good to me : 1bitheart. I just randomly found it and don’t know anything about it other than that the premise sounds fun and the art is cute. :smiley:

The only one I wouldn’t want to re play (with a club or not) rn is 逆転検事2, since I’m like one case away from finishing it as is. The other ones I’d be game for, especially the 大逆転 series which I haven’t played at all yet. :slight_smile:


Wait, I feel silly. How could I forget about the mystery anti-dating sim in my to-play list? If it uses the same structure system as Raging Loop it’d be easy to coordinate choices and read as a group as well.


It is my pleasure to invite everyone to our newly created home thread.


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