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I could use ought to if that’s better. :stuck_out_tongue:

I mostly just meant it in the sense that the system works, there’s precedent, and it keeps things cleaner. :grin:


I know. Which is a good application of should. ^^ :slight_smile:

I’m just silly this Friday evening (almost 7 pm here), and I haven’t even started on the alcohol yet. :joy:

I just had this almost viseral reaction to the word should and was like, yeah, I don’t like that word no more. So often used for things that people think other people should do, whether they’re true or not. Unnecessary obligation, judgement and moral grandstanding. And I might have to ban myself from the forum tonight, lol. Who knows how many soap boxes I’ll get up on before the night is over. xD


If it makes you feel any better, I agree with you on those uses of the word should, and wouldn’t use them myself. :grin:

I’ve gotten into my own misadventure on the forum here already this morning, so I should maybe do the same. I have reading to do that would be more productive. :joy:

about should

Can’t help about thinking about Non Violent Communication when I read that :slight_smile:
Marshal Rosenberg often mentions it, how violent “should” is, just found one example out of many:


Would a regular please change the title to:

Visual Novel Book Club // Soon Reading: 極限脱出 9時間9人9の扉 (Zero Escape: 999)

Thank you so much! Much obliged, @omk3! :smiley:


I was thinking that maybe this time we can get voting on next pick so it can start one week after Zero Escape: 999 finishes, like the other overall clubs.

So 999 finished on July 14th, so the next pick would start July 21st. So we want the vote finishing 6 weeks before that so those who want to buy physical from Japan (if such exist!) can do that.

That means that the vote need to start on June 2nd.

So we’re entering nomination period!!!

We currently have 11 nominations so we have room for 9 more. Please feel free to nominate any VN you are interested in that fits the current parameters of the club, you’ll find it under “Guidelines for proposing a VN” in the first post.

Would a regular or Daisoujou change the title to:

[Looking for Nominations] Visual Novel Book Club // Reading: 極限脱出 9時間9人9の扉 (Zero Escape: 999)

Thanks in advance!

For the other organizers of this club, I’m kickstarting this because I’ve been thinking about it and waiting for the right time to start the push for nominations. If anyone else want to take over the polling duties, I’m fine with that. I probably won’t participate in the next VN, because I won’t have time. But I don’t mind organizing the voting for this round.


I have a question on the nominations since I want to nominate something this round but I’ve nominated something every round so I’d feel kind of bad if I have 4 of what would be 12 spots. Do we want to get rid of any old nominations if they fail to get x% number of votes after so many rounds? I nominated キラキラモンスターズ originally but I think its only been getting about 2 votes per poll. Or does it not matter since we have 20 total spots and only at 11 right now? I just want to make sure no one would get upset if I have so many nominations on the list and I’d rather get rid of an older one in favor of the new VN I want to nominate


Title has been changed. I glanced back over the current requirements for a nomination and if anyone has anything to say about length/pace, now would be the time because those do put some implicit limits on what can be nominated. It’s been discussed a little in 9-Nine-'s club for our offshoot’s purposes, but it’s worth seeing how people feel about it in the main club.

I do think at some point it’s going to be worth pruning old nominations, maybe the way the other book clubs do like you named. Either way, personally, this is a small club and finding and nominating suitable VNs can take a little effort, so I don’t mind at all if several of them come from one person, especially at the reasonable pace you’ve been putting them up.


I see no reason not to keep them for now too.

I think the method in the other main clubs it is something like after three polls of a certain low %, nominations get kicked off the list. And while I don’t feel an option need to be taken out if there are plenty of room, I also don’t think we actually have 3 proper polls yet. The very first poll for this club had something like 5 nominations and a much stricter requirements and was basically a trial poll/read.

So I think maybe after this next poll, we might want to start looking at it. Then we will have 3 bigger votes with many nominations each time.

@Daisoujou Thanks for the title shift! (Did you notice how we completely forgot to get rid of the “soon” part of title for 999? xD)

I was regular for such a short time last year (and a short while a few years ago), but since I basically ignore almost all of camp fire, I’ll never be regular again basically. xD I basically live in the reading and book club categories. :books:


Sounds good, thank you both! The VN I want to nominate actually comes out next week on PC so I’m gonna wait to make sure I can texthook it and everything before I do my nomination post :grin:

I’ll also be curious if anyone has any thoughts on increasing the length/pace restrictions we currently have. I haven’t really followed the 999 club so it’d be nice to hear what everyone in that club thinks of the current pacing/length stuff.


Well we already covered this in 9-Nine but I’ll reiterate that I finish in about 3 days with both that club and 999 together so I’m comfortable moving faster if that doesn’t ruin it for others. Length has never mattered that much for me; I can handle going long term, but it’s understandably good for the club to not be locking into one thing for extremely long times.

I wish Hashihime had a version without sexual content because I’m feeling in the mood to check that out. Yet another for the potential side club pile, maybe. I do like the look of
アカイイト though! Will have to think more if I want to nominate anything now; there are a good chunk of interesting choices already and the things I feel immediately compelled towards aren’t suitable for one reason or another.


As far as I could see, scanning the threads and such, character count usually isn’t posted. So unless someone has that for each week to share, I don’t think the 999 readers even know what pace they are going at.


That’s true. It’s tough – the non-puzzle sections can be texthooked but they spit out a lot of garbage too that bloats the counts, then the sections within puzzle rooms (which do tend to include some decently lengthy conversations) can’t be texthooked at all. Given the time it takes me I think we’re definitely moving a bit slower than the 9-Nine club so far, though I’ve played the game so many times I’m just using the puzzle walkthroughs this time and people sometimes having to solve puzzles only further complicates playtime.


Ah yeah, that would explain it.

I think that also means it is probably better to wait with another discussion on speed until after the next pick at least.


I was about to nominate 428 to give us something truly different as an option, though I dunno how appealing something without voice acting would be to everyone else… and then I realized the Steam version doesn’t allow for switching to Japanese. There is a separate Japanese version only sold to you if your steam region is Japan. That also seems to be the only place it’s sold on PC; I found an old DMM link but the page is dead now. Publishing rights stuff is really annoying! I’ve been running from problem to problem thinking about VNs today heh.


At this point, same. I think the regular badge has too high restrictions for most, I was only ever able to hold it when I participated in the poll threads but I haven’t for a long time. I’m sure others are in the same boat, as you are, that are community regulars like all of us here but can’t have access to regular perks like editing a wiki title, it’s kinda sad. I wish the book club category lifted up restrictions on that, personally, would be so handy for shared threads, or even just be able to edit title of wiki threads by default.

Initially I was going to, and I think I did post one week, but then I had the period when I didn’t have much mental energy to post and I also had to catch up (still do a little bit), but lately some of the weeks were about 17-20k characters for the non-puzzle sections. I don’t bother hooking puzzles cause it’s such a hassle and OCR works good enough for me, but I do track the novel section and I’ve configured my HTML file with extensions enough to get text perfectly so I’m confident my counts are very accurate. Sadly I don’t keep them anymore, I use two HTML files when I play, a cumulative one that I never erase for total character count and a weekly one which I do erase when I start a new week. Natarin has been posting how long it took them to finish though so I guess we could get a super rough estimate of reading speed, but probably nothing accurate enough to be very useful.


Replying to my own post just for visibility in case someone would miss the edit, but I guess we could make an average from my cumulative count, and have a super rough estimate of what pace we’ve been reading at if we ignore puzzles (or we can add a rough, arbitrary number of how many characters we think puzzles would normally have on average). I’m currently in the middle of week 6, and then week 7 is supposed to be pretty short, so I’ll post once I’m done with that just for reference to have some numbers.


If it was me I’d just leave the last one off because it’s an exception, far shorter week since we hit an end at an awkward time and enough people preferred to stop off there (which possibly indicates those people don’t want to speed up, heh). I think it’ll just make the average a little less accurate. That said, either way, thanks a lot for your efforts here.


Good point!

Hey don’t thank me, this is all Regex Filter-chan 's work :joy: :joy:


I’m still adding stuff occasionally. Thankfully it’s all pretty simple, just a copypaste, but wowee…

(For reference if someone doesn’t know what this is, this is a Textractor extension that lets you filter out text you don’t want before it transfers to Textractor and afterwards to the HTML files you use for yomichan lookups and to know character counts. It’s useful when the hook you are using returns gibberish and useless text, which is the case this time with 999. But thanks to this extension it basically allows you to get text flawlessly and have a perfectly working hook sometimes, so it’s super useful and quite easy to use.)


That reminds me when I was testing out Paranormasight the other day, I forgot to tell @Daisoujou that I managed to get rid of all the junk in that hook by using the regex filter found here

[\u0021-\u00ff] (filters all european language and most special characters)

Not sure if you’ve already tried the ones listed on the page but if not, it might help on 999 instead of having to add a ton of stuff to the filter individually