Visual Novel Book Club // Now reading: ISLAND

No problem! I’ll have to do my voting later, though, when I can look through the options more closely and decide. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oooooh no 999 is in the lead. I’ve got too much on my plate so I’m not voting, but if it wins I’m probably making the horrible life choice if joining y’all. I adore that game.


I’m interested in reading a lot of these! Not an easy vote. Had never heard of 徒花異譚, but one look at that art and I had to pick it.

999’s the only one I’ve already read, but I love the series and I’m down for the original language reread. That one would surely be a lot of fun to see people’s reactions to as well.


Yeah, there were a lot of interesting VNs, it made it hard to choose what 3 to vote for.

I read 999 too recently unfortunately but the entire series is amazing for anyone that hasn’t read it yet.


I just wanted to say hi :wave:, it’s been good seeing you back in the forum lately!

I hope I’m doing the VN club justice. :blush:


Thank you! I’m really enjoying being back. I expected to have a much harder time getting back into Japanese than I have been, thankfully.

And you’re doing great! Thanks so much, to both you and @rikaiwisdom , for keeping this going :slightly_smiling_face:


Dang that really proves I only look at profile pictures and don’t read names ever, didn’t even recognize you :joy: welcome back!! Glad it’s been going well :grin:


Quick question – this has probably already come up in some capacity but I might’ve missed it across multiple threads with the time I was away. I’m aware that 9-Nine- not being a full self-contained story in its first episode has left the ending understandably dissatisfying for people because it sounds like it’s not much of an ending at all. And as a result, there was some discussion about if people would have the time to read its following parts and the next pick, maybe having to make a hard choice to stick with just one.

So, is selecting just part 1 in a VN with this structure (parts sold separately as technically different games) more trouble than it’s worth? It’s not the most common way for sure but this does crop up the first that come to mind are Higurashi and Umineko. When I nominated it, I figured that in some ways it’s a positive because it allows people to sample and then drop if they decide they aren’t interested enough to see the whole story through, and it’s a way to work in larger picks without causing even more enormous gaps between VN changes. But with this being a relatively small club to begin with, and with relatively high demands on reading time, is risking fracturing us not worth it? Or would it be ok to do sometimes? Obviously we don’t want every choice to be like that because too many VN side clubs at once will definitely split us too hard, but when some side clubs end?


I would think it’s a case by case thing. It’s way better if there are some that are more self-contained, but to use another nomination as an example something like Fault: Milestone One is relatively speaking small (two short VNs) so regardless of what people choose to do in the end the impact is small.

I would also think for some popular series it just doesn’t matter at all. Ask someone where to start with Fate and you’ll get like a thousand not-so-helpful answers to the point that just trying literally anything is probably the right call. Sure, it sucks not finishing a series proper, but I’d really only be annoyed by abandoning a game partway through. Saying “we tried and moved on” is way better than “we dropped it like a hot potato after the first route”.

It’s a disappointing ending, imo, but not horrific. I’d blame the marketing more than anything else for that especially with how they did a totally unnecessary post-credit tease. I think it stings for our group more because we’re all ok with the type of story it was, but if we had a larger crowd with more varied tastes a lot of people would have dropped it after episode 1.


Since it is the weekend, let me remind everyone to go ahead and vote if you haven’t in the poll to pick the next VN! Voting closes in four days. I set it to close to midnight Wednesday (15th), but I don’t actually know if it goes by my time zone (central European) or another… So don’t wait until last minute. xD


In a discord server I’m in, Nightshade was a recent monthly pick for their club so I asked someone who finished it and they said their total character count came out to 491,768 characters. So, it fits in perfect with our current limits for future reference :grinning:


Thanks! I will update everything (well except the poll and stuff) with the new info. :star_struck:


Poll for next pick closes automatically in 8 hours!


We have a winner: 極限脱出 9時間9人9の扉 (Zero Escape: 999)!!!

So first things first, @natarin would you be able to host the club? I know you’ve already read it, so I understand if not. The only tricky part really is figuring out stopping points. And mostly that comes from either having to pick blindly (curse you, B$ :joy:) or having to read ahead (I know 9-nine- got wonderful help from @ccookf on that front :blush:). And that should be easy for you since you can’t be spoiled, well, more spoiled. :joy:

As a side note, BU$TAFELLOWS is still being read, and I know 9-nine- is about to have a discussion on whether they will continue (as an off-shoot?). I’m honestly not sure what terminology we might want to use, because is B$ (also) an off-shoot then? I don’t know. ^^

I did move 9-nine to the finished VNs in the OP and on the master list of book clubs (because the club now says it is finished). For now, I’m leaving B$ in place, but I don’t know how we wanna do for the title of this club, aka will B$ stay there or should Zero Escape get the whole glory (I personally wouldn’t mind if it does :slight_smile: ). Considering B$ has already gotten 4 months of VN main pick and we decided to have a vote for a new pick, I wouldn’t mind if we were now considered off-shoot, if nothing else to simplify titles and such. :joy:


Zero Escape: 999 won – I’m envious of all the participants who’ll get to experience it in Japanese. :eyes:

While I’m familiar with this game, there’s no way I could read that one without issues at my current level. I remember there being lots of explanations of events, superstitions and scienctific experiments and such. Therefore I can’t join (but I will start playing the third game of the series using EN text/JP voices this week instead) but I wish all of you happy reading. :smiley:

The only thing to add is that I encourage the host of the club to look up how to get the true ending as in which door combinations are specifically required for which ending. If my memory is correct, you’ll have to beat at least one other routes (the one involving a safe) to be able to play through the true ending.

Btw,@MissDagger once the new book club title has been decided on, I can change it for you (provided that I see it early enough).


Let’s make the title this for now, until we decide what to truly do about nine and b$:

Visual Novel Book Club // Reading BU$TAFELLOWS and 9-nine- // Up next is Zero Escape: 999

Thanks in advance to any regular @Midnightblue who can make made it such. :slight_smile:


So following the pattern so far that means the game after that will be 9999, right?

I’ve played through 999 enough times (due to the way the original DS was structured) that I don’t feel like replaying it again, so I’ll be sitting out this time as if I’m not hopelessly behind on bustafellows


Maybe we should have a poll to know if there will actually be readers?
I voted for 999 because one day my Japanase will be good enough, and it’ll be great that there’s a book club on it, but I’m definitely not going to read it now :see_no_evil:


Excited for 999! Planning will be a bit of a pain since those of us who stuck with 9-Nine-, at least, haven’t had to deal with a game with proper routes just yet. I know B$ people voted on route order but it’s not quite as simple as a route per character here, the choices are slightly more arbitrary and hard to signal to people ahead of time. Very general spoilers on what kind of choices they are, blocked for people who want to be very blind: basically at various points characters are forced to split into groups and the choices are about how to split those groups. We may just need a recommended order predetermined? Ultimately the structure does exist to funnel you to a couple specific endings with the others as extra flavor, rather than being all fully developed distinct routes.


Are we planning to do all endings? Or just whats required for the True Ending? My vote is all of them, I think it took me 20ish hours in English to 100%.

Either way I can help with non-spoilery route planning, I’ve played this game about half a dozen times lol.