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Time for our first vote!

For some reason I had the feeling there were more nominations, but I think a small list works fine because after this first pick we’re likely to expand our possibilities so that’ll be like a small refresh, anyway.

The poll will run for one week. Two of our nominated VNs have been on sale recently, but at that time there will be a Steam summer sale, so if the game chosen is on Steam, we might be able to get it cheaper. Worth keeping an eye out for anyway!

You can vote for up to 2 VNs! Please refer back to the first post for links to each nomination for more information on them!

  • キラキラモンスターズ
  • マルコと銀河竜
  • ATRI -My Dear Moments-
  • ルーパーズ

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After voting ends June 27th, when would you prefer to start? Can select multiple.
  • ASAP (July 1st)
  • In a couple weeks (July 15th)
  • In a month (August 5th)

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