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WHITE ALBUM −綴られる冬の想い出−

Developer: Leaf & AQUAPLUS
VNDB Play Time: 32h18m
Character count: 455,741 - not sure if jpdb is going off of the 18+ version or the all-ages remake that includes new content
Number of weeks to finish: 18-20 weeks?


The classic visual novel from AQUAPLUS that launched one of Japan’s most beloved franchises.

WHITE ALBUM is a story of love in many forms.

Touya Fujii is an ordinary college student but for one thing:
His connection to the popular singer Yuki Morikawa.

That popular singer, you see, is his girlfriend…
and the more popular she gets, the less time
the two can spend together.
Will they stay a couple, or will their ways part?
As winter falls and the air grows colder,
the two lay down new tracks in the album of their love…

This album will be as white as snow, and as poignant.


Steam - WHITE ALBUM: Memories like Falling Snow on Steam

Personal Opinion

This is a classic VN that has almost a cult following in Japan. White Album 2 is the more popular of the two games (and the two are mostly unrelated outside of themes), but this game was very beloved back then. Since they recently released an HD port to PC, I think its a good opportunity to check out the game.

Pros and Cons for the Book Club


  • Fully voiced outside of the MC
  • Can texthook
  • Music themes for people into that


  • It appears to be a lot more character focused than “plot” focused - could be a negative for some people?
  • Only on PC and maybe ps3 (not sure if its possible to still get it on ps3)
  • While this is an HD port, the original came out in the 90s so it could potentially feel outdated in some ways



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