Visual Novel Book Club // Next: 徒花異譚

Could a regular or @Daisoujou change the title of this thread to:

Visual Novel Book Club // Currently reading BU$TAFELLOWS! 9-nine- starting soon!


Done! Is the title okay now?

I won’t be joining either of the two ongoing/ upcoming VN book clubs because I can’t allow myself to have much more on my plate right now.
Nevertheless, I hope that all participants will have a great time!


Yes, thank you. :smiley:


I am very interested in joining this when my reading skills get better, as I’m a big VN fan. I just don’t think I’m ready for a VN in Japanese yet (though I have Higurashi on Switch [maybe for VN club next Summer? {maybe just Onikakushi; Higurashi is pretty long}])


Will be nice to have you when you are ready! We’ve usually got people on hand to help too, though I know at a certain level it’s just a slog, especially since VNs require so much reading.

I’ve read Higurashi before in English and loved it – the thought has popped into my head multiple times to re-read it in Japanese and fish for interest here so that I can see other people’s first time reactions, but the length has stopped me so far. The full 8 chapters would probably take us years :melting_face:


In fairness, we have legitimately had the Takagi-san book club going for near-on two years now.

And it’s likely to go for another 2. :joy:


Oh Taisho x Alice and the sequel one would be cool.


that would be awesome
I tried reading it on my own but kinda (still not admitting) quit on it … :smirk: :see_no_evil: :sweat_smile:


Taisho x Alice has the All in One so you can toggle between Japanese and English while in game. That’s what I did so I practiced reading Japanese first and then switched it to english. I really wish the toggle between two languages was a standard feature for otome games.


I’m not on my PC right now to check but can you actually switch the language while playing? is there a key for it? or do you mean in the menu?

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It’s a somewhat common feature in other games. My memory is a bit flakey, but here’s some of the ones I think I can remember:

  • Katawa Shoujo - Toggle in menu only
  • Ame no Marginal (Steam) - required toggling a per game language setting in Steam
  • Nekopara - menu and hotkey in game (C - Chinese, J - Japanese, E - English)
  • 9-nine- Menu, hotkey, with an option to set “main” and “sub” languages for multilingual display as well as UI independent languages (eg. you can have the settings menu and save screen in English while the game itself is in Japanese)

So it’s not exactly standardized. I’ve found myself getting rather fond of the language swapping in the case of 9-nine- since it uses a lot of casual speech I’m not used to and translation often helps me make sense of the Japanese.


Yeah, but I did it on the Switch not PC.


I’ve been away from the forums for a bit and I love that there’s a VN reading club now! I’ve already played bustafellows in english so I’ll skip this one but if anyone’s ever interested in playing the sequel when it comes out or Side Kicks! (previous game by the same team) let me know!


If it continues to be as much fun as it has been then I’m definitely planning on playing the sequel!


Agreed! Idk if it’ll end up as a full club or something more casual but either way I’d be down :grin:

(also interesting that Side Kicks! seems to be in a connected universe of sorts, I hadn’t heard of it :eyes: from my brief googling I’m not sure that there’d be any way for me to play it, but interesting nonetheless!)


I bought side kicks for psvita a few years ago and played a little but then lost motivation when the bustafellows localization was announced :sweat_smile: but it’s very similar in plot and style! The only issue is that the heroine isn’t voiced, but sadly that’s pretty common for VNs.

And there not being an English version of the game is a good motivation to try it :wink:


I’ve played Side Kicks (although still not finished it bc I’m terrible at that). I appreciate it for having a canon trans woman character, although I think they handle it with as much subtlety as a baseball bat to the face which I think would be weird for Western audiences. They don’t handle everything great but there was at least an attempt. I’ve only finished one route so far though and mid-way through another.

I haven’t played Bustafellows but I’ve been wanting to for a while, it’s just that otome is expensive :sob: But if you want one with a voiced MC, I’ve been loving Jack Jeanne! It’s not particularly romance-heavy but the art is gorgeous and I really enjoy the characters.


Jack Jeanne is on my to-buy list! The art is just gorgeous. But I still need to finish at least one route in Side Kicks or Cupid Parasite before I can justify buying a new game. Lately I’ve been playing Tokimeki Memorial GS 4 since it’s easy enough to ease me back into trying VNs in japanese but if the VN club does a game I already have I’ll definitely join!


I’m literally right in the middle of playing Cupid Parasite right now :joy:
Somehow ended up on Gil’s route so we’ll see how that goes. Although I think it might be good to start with his bc I’m not sure I can handle seeing him heartbroken on other guys’ routes :sob: MC’s dialogue with Allan is teaching me a bunch of new and questionable words though.

I will buy TokiMemo GS4 someday but I still need to finish 3 first and that will take me roughly twenty years haha.


Ohh nice! I started Raul’s route a while back but all the greek mythology and fantasy terminology went over my head so I got bored haha. I’m gonna try Ryuki’s route next time cause I’m guessing it’ll be pretty straightforward with more fashion related vocab.

And gl on finishing 3 haha