Visual Guide on How To Install A Userscript


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Cassykins said... This is nice. You make nice things. 
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Thank you so much for this! I never understood how people used userscripts, and some of them look so cool and useful. Now I can be like all the other cool kids here at Wanikani! :slight_smile:

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I discovered that you can make a clickable Table of Contents for a post by using html anchors.

#Table of Contents
1. [Firefox Users](#section_firefox)
2. [Chrome Users](#section_chrome)
3. [General Troubleshooting](#section_trouble)
<h3 id="section_firefox">Firefox Users</h3>
blah blah

<h3 id="section_chrome">Chrome Users</h3>
blah blah

<h3 id="section_trouble">General Troubleshooting</h3>
blah blah
The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resources List!

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I am a complete newbie and this might be a stupid question. But is there any way to run user scripts on an iPad? Or an iOS app that’s equivalent to a reorder script?



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as far as I know there isn’t a good way to run scripts in mobile browsers. These things are in development, but for either didn’t work or not reliably so.

Maybe one of the iOS apps has a reorder script built in. The Android one has it, so surely it is possible to do. I think it’s called AlliCrab. Copied from script list:

  • Mobile AlliCrab by cplaverty: features in-app reviews and lessons using an embedded web browser, ignore button, review timeline, notifications when reviews are available, 1Password support, “today” widget.

  • WaniKani for iOS by haawa: iOS app. features in-app reviews and lessons, lightning mode, ignore button, notifications when reviews are available, in-app browser, and lots more features


Userscript can be installed in Android (using Firefox + USI), but most of the userscipt aren’t working properly. So, better use an app.


Thank you

I found WaniKani for IOS app, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I am just getting a picture of an endlessly spinning dog :slight_smile: Well, back to doing wanikani without shortcuts.


I can’t help you with those apps. Any questions should be posted on their threads.

AlliCrab: [iOS] Mobile AlliCrab for WaniKani

WaniKani for iOS: New iOS app

You will also find further info and instructions on how to install there. I haven’t followed the iOS apps too closely but I’m fairly sure at least one of those two was still working a few months ago (think it was allicrab, could be both). Give those threads a look. Don’t give up!


I’m new be here and i wanted to try out the script.
I had access to this guide from “The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps”.

I’m on Firefox and the scripts didn’t worked for me as long as i used Greasemonkey.
But it did work with Tampermonkey.

Maybe there is an update to do on this guide for the sake of the firefox users.


There was a significant change in Firefox in November that required some changes in functionality in GreaseMonkey, which broke a lot of scripts. There hasn’t been a big effort to make scripts compatible with GM again since they all still work in TamperMonkey and ViolentMonkey, so a lot of people have simply switched to TM or VM.

@Mempo, would you be interested in converting the thread to a wiki so the community can maintain it in the long term? (or PMing Kristen if you don’t have access to grant wiki status?)

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Ask and ye shall receive

You can edit all you want now

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Thank you !
Then I’d like to edit the firefox guide and update it for TamperMonkey.
How can i edit this post ?
Do I need to be a granted or something ?


I think anyone can edit a wiki. Just go to the top post, click on the edit/pencil icon in the upper-right, then click Edit Wiki.


I don’t have it. Maybe because i havn’t paid yet. In that case, i’ll do that in than a week I guess.
I do have a pencil icon on the upper-right that shows me the history, but no Edit Wiki.
Also, I can see the pen to edit my own messages, not for the top post.


I don’t think it has anything to do with what you pay for WK. Maybe you need a certain “trust level” on the forums, and you simply haven’t posted enough to get it…