Visual difference between "several meanings" and"answer a bit off" bubbles

When I review on my iPad and can’t use usercripts, I’d like to see a difference at first glance between the two bubbles that can appear after an answer. The “several meanings” one is fine, but maybe you could have a different background colour or an extra warning icon for the “answer a bit off” bubble.


Yeah, good idea and very easy to implement. I’m for this.

So am I. This is a good idea.

Totally agree! I feel a huge lack of visual differences to the first glance between “meaning” and “reading”.
Something to visually differentiate them would help a lot on the speeding up o
f the reviews.

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Totally agree. The “several meanings,” “several readings,” and “your answer was a bit off” bubbles are all so similar that I tend to ignore them when reviewing.

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