Violent mnemonics

Yeah, honestly, if people are frustrated about people getting offended about everything, then it seems like OP’s approach is an ideal alternative- Not raging and demanding change, but simply throwing it out as a subject of discussion, as food for thought. I feel like getting offended at that, so to speak, is just as bad as getting offended at mnemonics, if not worse.

I’m not sure what to do to fix this problem (I’m in the “make your own mnemonics” camp, personally), but it can’t hurt to talk about it.


I have a movie recommendation for you. Naked Blood. I think you’ll really like it.

Maybe someone can make a script to hide mnemonics that contains keywords that the user has flagged.


Is it possible to change mnemonics with scripts? You would think it to be possible, but at the same time I’ve never seen a script that ever does.

Thank you for your response. You summed everything up very well.
I do make up a lot of my own mnemonics, even if they aren’t ones that bother me. A lot of times I try to incorporate as many readings and meanings into 1 or 2 sentences as I can. For example: I like to use the kitten from Hokkaido for 北.

I’m sorry some people were annoyed by my feedback; taking it as an attack on WK mnemonics. I promise that is not what I was intending.


I have to side a little bit with the original poster here. Certain violence really has an effect on me. There are many TV programs or movies that I just cannot watch.
For me, things that really involve cruelty are the worst. The mnemonics here do not seem to be designed to be intentionally cruel to anyone, or any group, so I have not had much of a problem. Even if the mnemonics were a little worse, my sense of humor is strong enough for me to deal with it, I think.
I can picture some people who would have a real problem with the mental images, though.
For a while, I was using some Kanji Damage material. Some of that was truly demeaning and mean spirited, to me. I couldn’t have stuck with it for long. ( I feel that mnemonics can be very funny with being racist or bigoted, and sexually explicit without being misogynistic or homophobic )


Its very common that people in the same position as you do make those kind of attacks, so people probably just assumed you were one of them. If one actually reads your post, though, it doesn’t come off that way at all.


You can write a script for anything so long as it doesn’t require different/additional functionality on the server (which this wouldn’t).

Well I’m just starting out with Wanikani. I had a play about a couple of months or so ago but returned as I couldn’t find anything better overall. That said I do like how kanji.koohii lets users publically post their stories and vote up the ones they like best. There must be hundreds per kanji. As I’m not all that immaginative I relied on it a lot and always found one that stuck with me.

I’m assuming you’re being tongue-in-cheek here, but I’ve just gotta throw this out there: Does anyone else find it super amusing when people are so mad when something offends someone else? It’s just so ironic, being offended by someone being offended. So meta. :rofl:


As usual, no one is ever more offended (nor more strident in their claims that they’re not offended) than those who are offended by others’ offense. Every single time.

OP’s point is totally fair, and they expressed in a reasonable way. It was food for thought, not a direct demand for change. This is, after all, a feedback forum. They left their feedback. It’s now out there for Kouichi and friends to consider, and do with what they will. That’s exactly how this is supposed to work.

Personally, I don’t object to the physical harm mnemonics but I also don’t find them unusually effective either. They don’t seem to be the ones that stick with me. Overall, they’re fairly neutral for me.


Exactly! It’s both confusing and amusing to watch people getting triggered over other people being triggered.

Although not completely the case with the OP, it gets tiring seeing the same messages (that you don’t agree with) over and over. I am much less offended than a bit irritated with this :wink:

And I also don’t think it’s a bad thing to offer an opposite opinion on a matter such as this. Some people do enjoy the mnemonics and would prefer to learn it in a “shocking” way due to previously mentioned arguments. I would not want the WK team to change them.

You’re not the only one…
The root of your reaction (feeling sick) is based on the function of disgust as a warning/protection mechanism.
Part of what helped me deal with the mental image was reading further in the mnemonic and concentrating on the emotion and the instructions that tells you how to utilize it in order to remember the kanji instead of the mental image.
I had to make a choice and somehow by doing so the mental images just started shrinking in their frames while the word (disgust, fear, anger etc.) grew in front of my eyes.
I don’t know how much helpful it is for you, but I thought perhaps the idea of being able to control your reaction might give you another possible solution to your problem since you’re bound to read more mnemonic that might produce such reaction again.


I agree with you.

OP specifically said in their post that they weren’t requesting a change. No need to get pissed off, they’re just sharing a feeling.


I agree. The violent mnemonics make me feel sick too. (I’m the type that can’t watch horror movies or TV shows with graphic violence.) At the first mention of some violence in the mnemonic description, I just stop reading and make up my own.

Relatable though! Just wanted to say you’re not the only one. :slight_smile:


I feel the same way too. The WK team can write anything they want into their program, it’s their property. However, I can’t help but feel somewhat uneasy when I read the grosser mnemonics. Have you checked out the userscript that allows you to hide mnemonics? [Userscript] WaniKani hide mnemonics

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I also find some of the more violent mnemonics slightly disturbing, but often just come up with my own if they bother me too much. The only one I really had a problem with was for 鉄 (iron). The reading mnemonic encourages you to watch the trailer for the movie “Tetsuo the Iron Man”, simply describing it as a “wacky” Japanese movie. Turns out it’s a super graphic and gory (though low-budget and cheesy) horror movie! I did send a suggestion to Tofugu that they let people know about what they might see and they were happy to add a warning to the entry.

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