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Is there a way to view the full list of items in the apprentice pile, I’m sitting at 160 apprentice items and need to get it under control. It would really help if there was a way to view all the items as well as number of times failed.

Don’t know if this can be done. via the API maybe?

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How about the Radical, Kanji, Vocab menus on the right of the top bar. Bottom option is “Progress”. Gives a % on rollover.

I use this to look what I need to focus on.

Helps but not ideal, there are items I’m consistently failing which never seem to leave the apprentice list. I’d love a list sorted by number of times failed.

Yeah, I’ve been longing for such a feature. Might be fun to try to build something for it myself actually…

This could be what you’re looking for. Not exclusively apprentice items, but items you are having trouble with.

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Try the WaniKani Explorer site. The lists of radicals, kanji and vocabulary can be sorted (SRS Status) so that you can identify your apprentice items.

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This looks perfect but isn’t working on my phone, I’ll check it out when I get home. Thanks!

As a warning, I had to input the API and hit “load data” more than once to get it to work just now. Good luck!

Thanks for the link! What browser do you use? It won’t open in Firefox for me.

Safari on Apple Mac. can also export Critical items, and you can set percentage.

I think you can see that on the Stats site!

Idigtech etc.

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