Version of Kanzen Master without furigana? Or equivalent?

I’m looking for N2 and N1 books to continue my grammar studies. I snagged a pdf of Kanzen N2 to take a look before buying, and I’m still kind of in awe at how much furigana there is, and how simple some of the words that have furigana are (文、使う, etc.). It feels like it’s 90% covered! For me it’s really distracting and I don’t feel I’m getting good reading practice. After using Tobira with the teacher’s guide (native Japanese intended for the teacher, so 0 furigana), I was hoping to continue that style into N2 and N1 - all Japanese, no (or very minimal) furigana.

Is this just the version of the book that I happened to find or is Kanzen actually like this all the way through? If so, has anyone come across physical textbooks that fit what I’m looking for?

Thanks in advance for any and all answers!

If you really are using it for grammar then it’s more important that you understand everything and that it goes fluidly. It’s probably better to take on a reading challenge with material that is not crucial that you understand fully


If you want more reading practice there’s 新完全マスター読解. The texts in there should be closer to what you’ll get on the JLPT in terms of furigana.

True, I agree. I shouldn’t have written that bit because now the answers are about reading. I wouldn’t understand it any less if it were furigana free, surely that’s not the end all of comprehension?

So I take it the answer to my actual question is “no” and that I have to suck it up?

I appreciate you taking the time to answer regardless!

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