Verbs with similar meanings but different kanji

I have noticed certain verbs seem to be related to earlier learned vocab but with different kanji and slightly different forms. I feel like instead of only creating mnemonics for these readings, it might be useful to also mention the words that they are related to which have related readings. Two examples off the top of my head are:

鎮める-しずめる-to appease or calm…I am at least 70 percent sure that this verb has some relation to 静か which was learned way early into wk and has the ideas of quiet and calm associated with it. So if you could mention that the reading for this verb is related to the meaning, that would make the reading one less thing to remember.

Another example, 偏る-かたよる to be biased …this has an alternative writing of 片寄る which could be mentioned and related to the reading since to approach something in a one sided way is literally what being biased is.

Anyway, I think there are a few others out there like this that the memorizing of their readings could be made easier by mentioning the roots that they are related to. Just an idea though.

EDIT- Also, if anyone can think of other examples, feel free to mention them below.


Interesting that you would choose these two words, since I just missed the burn on both of these =P (Also, i did I make the association to 静か on this last review, so maybe i’ll get it on the next go)


I don’t know about verbs, but I had a weird and cool moment yesterday with a noun. I saw a sign that said 橋本整形外科 and I thought, “Wow! I know all of those, separately, but cool!” and I went to read the first two, “hashi…hon? Bridge-book? Bridge origin? Origin…moto…” I didn’t realize I knew the ‘もと’ reading for 本, and actually arrived at it via another kanji for origin, 元.

This is an example of one where the root is already mentioned in the reading section.

辱めるーはずかしめるーto humiliate


Ok here is one that is not a verb. Similar idea though.


Unsure if this one is just me, but I have always thought of it as 庭 and 鳥. A garden bird is essentially what a chicken is so if this is actually a root and I am not just imagining things, that would be helpful for memorizing the reading. Though, anyone who has made it to level 59 probably already knows what a 鶏 is…so maybe this reading does not need to much help…

異動 - Move
移動 - Transfer

These two always get me.

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