Verb stem = Noun

Thanks, this makes sense.

Of course. Coming from a math background, I find it striking how well defined the language is, theoretically at least :slight_smile: compared to English for instance. I understand usage is a whole different thing.

Yes but there are exceptions right (ie verbs for which this is not true)?

Think easy was the intent (and I’m suddenly realising that 安い doesn’t include that meaning. I could have sworn…)

易い is the correct kanji for that meaning, but I don’t think you can just use it as a predicate like that.

It would be something like 彼にとって走るのがたやすい


There is 安易安易

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Yeah, that may have been one I tried to transcribe instead of copy/paste from Jisho. Although, for the life of me, I can’t seem to find the original sentence again, so chalk that up to my ignorance.

mea culpa :wink:

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