Verb あおる for raising beer mug; irregular verbs

I’m reading わたい、定時で帰ります。 (No Working Overtime!; a tv drama as well as a novel; might be of interest to folks considering working in IT in Japan).

I’ve just encountered the following sentence:


The character 結衣 (ゆい)is drinking beer at a restaurant, from a ジョッキ (beer mug). At first I thought it was an irregular conjugation of 扇ぐ or 仰ぐ, but I think it is 煽る, which usually means “to fan”. In that case, there’s no irregular conjugation. (Edit: Per @Leebo, this is 呷る.)

It’s always surprised me how few irregularities there are in Japanese. See


This verb seems more related to beer than 煽る, though they are etymologically related.呷る


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