Vacation mode after subscription has ran out

As I understand, vacation mode does not pause subscription. However, it is only available to subscribers, so does that mean that when my subscription is over vacation mode will be automatically turned off?

Are you sure about this?

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I’m fairly sure about this.

Correct. :slight_smile: Vacation mode pauses the SRS so that reviews won’t keep piling up when you don’t have time. Many don’t want to come back to a review stack of several hundred or several thousand items.

I’m not entirely sure, but as I understand it, if I have 10 reviews pending and 10 unlocking in an hour, and my sub lapses, It will be in that same state whenever I choose to re-sub at a later point.

@RachelG Can you confirm for us how it works? ^^

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Hey, so you’re right! Vacation mode is only available for subscribers. When your subscription runs out or gets canceled, you’ll be moved back down to free mode, which is access to levels 1-3. It will pause all of the other levels though (like you’re in vacation mode). Once you start paying again, you will be granted access to the premium content and will come back to where ever you were (however many reviews, lessons, etc.) that you had before you canceled.


Thanks a lot!

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