Using WaniKani exclusively to learn Japanese (eventually)

Depending on the anime you watch, you’ll likely be able to recognize 80% of the overall kanji used in a series by WaniKani level 30. In some cases, by level 20. Granted, this includes known kanji in vocabulary not covered by WaniKani.

I highly recommend learning basic grammar and starting to read material with furigana before that.

The Absolute Beginner Book Club will be reading the manga 「ルリドラゴン」 starting in a few weeks, then we’ll be reading 「ちいさな森のオオカミちゃん」 after that.

Both would be good opportunities to dip your toes into reading. You’d want to spend a few weeks in advance reading up on basic grammar (no need to be in-depth knowledge) to reach a point where you’re ready to start reading.

Following along with the club would then give you a chance to get to know the grammar better and to get used to reading (an exercise that will be difficult to begin no matter how many kanji and vocabulary you recognize).