Using Present Progressive with Conditional for Future Situations

Hi everyone,

So I posted this a while back in the Short Grammar Questions section, but thought it deserved a proper post.

I asked whether these two sentences were correct:

If I’m tired tomorrow I will not go to the gym. 明日疲れたらジムに行かない。

If I’m not tired tomorrow I will go to the gym. 明日疲れなかったらジムに行く。

I was able to ask a Japanese teacher about this and she said that, while those are acceptable, these are better:



Does anyone have any thoughts on this or explanation? Thanks.

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疲れる is an instantaneous verb referring to the actual moment you get tired. If you want to refer to being in a state of tiredness, you need to use the stative form. Which is to say, 疲れている.


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