Using Kodansha KLC with WaniKani

Hello, I recently started WaniKani, but I also have a copy of the KLC.
Would it be detrimental to also learn through the KLC with Anki at the same time, as it might mess with the spaced repetitions for both Anki and Wanikani? I’d hate to just let this book rot away in my bookshelf.
Thank you very much!

I don’t know if its detrimental, but you’re just using two different systems for the same thing that I think might be confusing. What I might suggest is trying to add in the vocabulary in KLC via something like Anki so you will have more words than just is on this site. Though I’m sure there’s overlap.

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While it probably won’t hurt you, using too many sources at the same time might lead to confusion or burnout. It will also likely be a slightly more inefficient use of your time.

I’d pack it in my backpack and open it when I didn’t have internet!

Thank you!

Thanks, I forgot about burnout which sucks. I guess I might put it aside for a few months

I have the KLC too. Sometimes the WaniKani mnemonic doesn’t stick in my brain, so I study the KLC mnemonics and that usually helps. I’d recommend using both to try and reinforce kanji that you have trouble with and maybe skip the kanji (in the KLC) that you find easier. It also has extra vocab which is helpful!

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