Using Generative AI to help me with Mnemonics (組)

I live in Tokyo and started using WaniKani to help me understand my surroundings with more fluency. Great App!

To help me study, I decided to use generative AI with Kanji. Here are (scary) the results.

The Kanji for 組 (link) says:

Picture a group of people threaded together by their top hats

Then it continues:

This group decides to make soap. Imagine being in a group of soap makers. Picture the soap bubbles floating between all of you.

Well, challenge accepted. Here are what I got.

My two favourites:

A couple of runner ups:

Now you don’t have any excuse to forget the 組 kanji anymore :joy:

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Wow that’s an interesting and creative use of AI, might have to try that out in the future too.

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This would make for a killer extension. Zamn.