Uses for どうぞ

Can someone help me understand how to use どうぞ and what if actually means?


Depends on context. It can mean ‘please go ahead’, ‘please come in’, ‘here you are’ when handing something over.

Do you have a specific time where it got you confused?


How can’t you use どうぞ? :slightly_smiling_face:

The three magic words that will get you through almost any social situation known to man:

In general, どうぞ when giving, どうも when recieving, and すみません when apologising or trying to attract attention.


No, no specific examples. It came up as a Genki vocab word but the usage wasn’t clear.

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SUPER helpful! ありがとう!

and when thanking too. Depending on context it can be used when accepting a gift for example. Or when someone does something for you.

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おまえはもうしんでいる when somebody jumps the queue before you in supermarket

basically means it means “you can”.

can i come inside the restaurant?
どうぞ = yes you can, please, come in, etc

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