[Userstyle/userscript] Lesson/review Explanation Width

Just did some lessons and noticed the width keeps changing between the sections, especially when the context sentence is longer than usual it basically goes to the full width. Is there a way to have it in a fix width and have the text wrapped?

Would you be able to provide some screenshots of where you’re seeing unwanted behaviour, and let me know what you’d expect? The width does currently change between the sections with and without explanations, because it’s basically as wide as it needs to be for each section and no wider. For the sections with explanations (meaning/reading), it should be the same width all the time unless there are any really short explanations with only one line of less than 600px

I didn’t really optimise it for other sections beyond fitting the content since I never really use them, but I’m happy to make some adjustments. I might be able to set those sentences to wrap if I can access some examples

You mentioned in the post a way to limit the width but I couldn’t find the customize button in the link :thinking:

Annoyingly, it looks like Stylish/userstyles.org are running some A/B testing on their site. I just opened the site in an incognito window and it looks very different, and has no clear way of installing this as a userscript (locking you into using their extension :neutral_face:)

Below are the two versions of the site:

What I see outside incognito

What I see in incognito

If you’re seeing the first image, the customise button is at the top next to a cog. If you’re seeing the second image, the cog is there on its own without a text label

I’m not 100% sure whether the customise button affects the userscript install or just the install via their extension - let me know if it doesn’t work for you

If you want to install this as a userscript and are seeing the version of the site in the second image, I have found one way to load the other version of the site. If you install a cookie editor like EditThisCookie, you can change the split_test_version cookie from nextjs to app50. I can provide more detailed instructions if needed

Cookie that determines which version of the site you see