[Userstyle] WaniKani Breeze Dark

Thanks a lot. I like very much the styling for the filters. It looks great! :+1: :partying_face:

Unfortunately there are changes to the filter settings in the upcoming version of Item Inspector that causes the filters not being styled anymore.

There will be support for a much larger number of filters. I decided to place then in groups of similarly themed filters to make it easier to users to find the one they need. I suspect (I don’t really know) that the introduction of groups changes the html enough to break your selectors.

The filters themselves are not changed. They will just be grouped. Hopefully this will be an easy fix.

I will try the CSS variables to see how hey workout. At first sight it looks good.

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I’m glad that you like the look.
The styles are bound to break for actively developed scripts. We’ll think about it when that time comes :slight_smile:

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Just here to put my thanks for making this, I find it hard to look at light mode so this is heaven for my eyes. Thanks a ton!!

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1.3.13 release


  • dashboard item tables now use item color coding as their background to make it more prominent
  • colorcoded background of radical/kanji/vocab navbar menus - just like WK does now


  • scoping of Item Inspector’s filter settings’ styles to make them work with previous and latest version
  • text color of the total number of reviews in ultimate timeline

I’m running out of obvious problems with the style, a least for the user scripts I checked out - the releases might slow down a little from now on because of that (unless something new shows up :).

My next focus will be on:

  • implementing full support for Item Inspector
  • going through supported user scripts and checking if everything still looks right

Thanks for fixing the filters. :+1: I am still in the hospital. I can’t check it out but I am sure it looks good.

The inline styling of Item Inspector is still there. I have on my todo list an overhaul of the css related to font and background colors. I want to introduce css variables and make sure Item Inspector looks good in both Breeze Dark and the other dark style, I think it is called Dark Azure. Perhaps you should delay your Item Inspector initiative until I am done with my overhaul.

How about css.variables for gradient? I use them in Item Inspector because plain bacground colors look bland.

How about Self Study Quiz? Last time I checked it had the same filter issue as Item Inspector and the background color for the quiz was black. It should be the item color.

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Really nice skin! Has a minor glitch with the “Level Duration” script though, is there a way to fix it?

PS: 10days on lv4 because of 1 kanji =((

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Good luck on your recovery :slight_smile:

I can see that the latest version already has less of the inline styles, but you’re right - I should probably hold off with Item Inspector support.

There’s not a single place in the style right now that uses gradients, so I feel it would go against the style. You can look into modifying a color in a variable into a darker/lighter one with CSS to achieve a gradient by yourself - that would be one less color to define explicitly.

I consider Item Inspector and Self Study Quiz a package deal, so I would like to have both styled. The filters should already be working, the background thing would need to be handled. Maybe next release :slight_smile:

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The style doesn’t support this user script yet. Let me have a quick look at what can be done.

Don’t worry I even make mistakes with radicals in the latest levels :stuck_out_tongue:

i just lvled up! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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If you can add a custom style manually, this will somewhat fix it for now:

@-moz-document domain("www.wanikani.com") {
    header #level-duration {
        line-height: 10px;
        margin-bottom: -10px;

If I wanted to support the script in Breeze Dark I would have to do something smarter here, I might look into it next week.


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thx! just fixed it

If you need me to change anything in the script just hit me up