[Userstyle] Revert change to like buttons

You may have noticed that they just (like an hour ago) updated the platform. With this update came a change to how the like buttons look.

Before After

Now, you might not think that’s so bad, but consider this:

  • When trying to see who liked something it’s incredibly easy to accidentally like the post yourself (try it)
  • It looks as though you can like your own posts
  • It’s different (change sucks!)

If you’re like me and don’t like the change, then this simple userstyle makes it look like it did before.


Thanks! I thought I was going crazy…



I thought I’d gone completely mad, and I have indeed accidentally liked several things I didn’t mean to.


The change wouldn’t be that bad if it wasn’t so stupidly easy to accidentally like something.


If you don’t click directly on the number you’ll like the post instead.


Oh, yeah, quite annoying on a phone screen.

WAIT, I can’t use userscripts on my phone :tired_face:

You can, but as far as I know only on Firefox

Not on Iphone. Last time I checked, there was a problem with the API.

There was one project to go around that limitation, but they haven’t made any update in a while, and the code isn’t on the app store (so you would need to jailbreak, or have a dev key to install it).

Well that sucks

Just checked, and indeed, add-ons aren’t possible on Iphone. So it would have to be a “real” app (or a moded version of firefox) to work.
It seems that kind of stuff is not going to get accepted by Apple any time soon, though.

Unfortunately Firefox is about 2500% slower than Chrome. For me at least.

Send a complaint to discourse directly too so they can fix it properly.

I’m conflicted because it’s easier to like something that you don’t mean to, but it also seems like I can take back my likes. Which is something I kind of wanted. Hmmm


In a recent update they made it so that you can’t take a like back after (I think) a few minutes, if that’s what you mean

Why would they do that…

Someone pointed out that it’s the same way on Github, and a cofounder of Github is a cofounder of Discourse
I think it’s silly really

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This is really really great. Thank you Kumi!

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I could swear you were always able to do that. Or am I just confused?

Kumi said it locks after a few minutes now. So maybe I am just indecisive and wait too long to try to take backsies usually.

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Updated to change the new empty hearts back to full hearts.

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