[Userstyle] Display level 42 and above as 42+


This is a silly userstyle which changes user flairs here on the forums to display 42+ for all levels above and including 42.

Available at userstyles.org/styles/149239/



The New And Improved List Of API and Third Party Apps
Race to the Cake :cake:

Poor @Glias. This is amazing!


I shop at Forever 41.


マジかよ!笑 Creativity at its best :stuck_out_tongue:


But wait, @koichi promised me I’d go back to level 1. You’re making Koichi into a liar Kumi!


I’m sure we could work something out


This is dumb and I love it


Lol Things like this is why I love you people


Why is Koichi’s still shown as infinity and not 42+? Equal rights for everyone!


o: you’re right!

Should work now if you update


Can you make this userstyle for my whole life? Thanks.


i love this


Oh @Kumirei you’re so silly. :yum:
I love it.


The story behind it.


I’m not level 41 anymore! So there! D:<



Image result for you look good gif



One of us! One of us!

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