Userscript/Feature Request: Extra Hotkeys

I’m not sure if this already exists, but I’d like to suggest some additional shortcuts for Reviews, Lessons, and the Dashboard.


  • Press “S” to add synonyms directly in Reviews and Lessons.
  • In the Dashboard, start Reviews with “R” or Lessons with “L”.
  • Open meaning with “M”, reading with “R”, and context tab with “C” directly, instead of using “F” and “E”.

Having a hotkey for adding synonyms would be really useful for me, as I often add many in my first language. This helps me connect with more words and better express nuances.

If a userscript like this already exists, please let me now :slight_smile:

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of course the bindings of the example shortcuts could be different or customizable.

Would be nice to know, if this would be useful to someone else ^^