[Userscript] WK Real Numbers

Hi @Mempo, thank you for the script, it helps a lot.
I looked at the code and it seems the value-cache implemented in the script is never used, as ‘doneReviews’ is always true due to ‘|| true’.

A possible fix would be to write ‘Boolean(localStorage.getItem(“WRN_doneReviews”) === null || localStorage.getItem(‘WRN_doneReviews’))’ instead.

What do you think?

Thanks so much, this has been annoying me so bad.

Yea, lol, that’s a silly mistake :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want to add that I didn’t write the script. I just fixed the broken parts from the original one (by penx) and started this thread. If you have any more improvements or bug fixes, just let me know here and I’ll update it on greasyfork.

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Ye, I’ve been having issues where it’ll sometimes pop up that’s there’s no API, link me to the API, and won’t tell me anything about what to do with it. Looks like I have the same code as everyone else though and am using chrome. I’ve reinstalled it now so I’ll see if it happens again but ye… bit annoying when it pops up.

You’ll only get notified when the API key is not found, so that’s your first problem: something/someone is deleting it. You might want to look into that.

I tested what happens (or should happen) next. If you have WK Ultimate Timeline installed, or maybe another script from rfindley, it could happen that those scripts fetch the API key before WK Real Numbers does. So if my script then navigates to your settings page, it doesn’t alert you anymore, because the key was already found. If WK Real Numbers saves your API key, it’ll show a pop-up alert which will automatically navigate you back to the dashboard if you click OK.

In any case, unnecessary redirect or not, the API key is set by the script, so you shouldn’t do anything about it.

@Mempo Can you please remove the “App Store” hook in the code? It’s quite annoying…

In what sense? Because it takes longer to load or something?

Because it adds a menu item for the App Store even though I don’t want to use the App Store. There’s no reason to have that item added to the menu since I don’t have the App Store script itself running.

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fair enough. Removed it.

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Did this happen to stop working for anybody else after the recent maintenance? It’s silly but I love this script and am perpetually baffled that there is no regular WK option to implement this behavior.

This works fine in Chrome but for some reason it’s not working in Firefox…

edit: nevermind, none of my userscripts are working so it’s probably nothing to do with this

yea, you should download tampermonkey for firefox en delete greasemonkey (if you haven’t already). That should fix your scripts.

I’ve never used anything like Tampermonkey, and frankly don’t know enough about it to be sure if I can trust it or not.

I would also like to see the true number instead of “42+”. If enough people feel this way it’s a feature that the developer should simply implement (I imagine it takes more code to make it say “42+” than it would just to display the true number.)

@CyrusS Is this something that can be done? I’d also love to be able to see how many of my items are in each ‘phase’ of Apprentice and Guru, which is something else it seems like some users have implemented themselves. Thanks!

I don’t handle the development-end of WaniKani, so I can’t speak to whether or not this is something we’ll do or how easy/hard it would be. Viet and oldbansai keep pretty busy, however, so I’d guess that a quality-of-life change like this (which can be “fixed” with an existing user-script) would probably be lower priority at the moment.

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Loooooool, ok then.


And I don’t know enough about electricity to know if i can trust it or not. I live in the dark.

It’s not about how easy or hard it is to show the real numbers or how many people want this implemented.
The point is that it’s a joke. And for many years, people have been ‘complaining’ (I mean, you’re on a page with the solution) about this, but it’s still there now, you know.

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I think it’s reasonable to be wary of any extension that wants to see and control as much as tampermonkey. With that said, I eventually decided that it was popular enough that many people more diligent than me would have checked the code and verified that it was safe to use.

I agree with you about the 42+ thing by the way. I find this “joke” to be annoying.


I don’t mind it at all, but that’s partly because I have Ultimate Timeline (the number one script I think ought to become a core part of WaniKani). I quite like when companies include little jokes and things.

I do think that if they want to keep the 42+ thing it would be reasonable to include a popup on hover which displays the actual number though. Something like your (I think?) Lesson Hover Details script, but including reviews as well.

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This thread is about the Real Numbers script, guys, not about whether or not you like the 42+ and think we should change it. Let’s avoid further arguing here about whether or not it’s a good joke and stay on topic.

sorry CyrusS

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So I’ve been using the Real Numbers script and it has been working great until recently. For some reason over the past week or so it says that I have 60 lessons and 0 reviews even though I do not. For example right this second I have 120 reviews to do but it says I have 0. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Real Numbers, but no dice. I there anything I can do to fix this? Thanks in advance.

Here is a picture: