[Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline


@rfindley Oh, I think you lost the space between the number and the “Burn Items”?


(sorry for being nitpicky, I just happened to notice it…)


Ahh, yep. 1min…



:point_right: [ v7.0.18 ] - Add missing space in “N Burn Items” in item info.


:point_right: [ v7.0.19 ] - Better alignment on Current Level and Burn Items on item info window.


Hi, and thanks for the script. I think this is my first post in 15 months of Wanikani…

I now have a problem with Ultimate Timeline, it doesn’t save my settings from one session to another. Could this have to do with the fact I clear all cookies when I close Firefox ?


Timeline settings are now saved in indexedDB. Firefox generally wraps indexedDB in with localStorage and (maybe) cookies, so I’d suspect that is the reason.


It would be cool if there was a “earliest level-up” indicator.


Hey, regarding the graph height, it’d be nice to be able to have a fixed graph height as well as the max graph height.
I have a limit on how many reviews I do in an hour and if I could set a fixed graph height I can see at a glance if I come up to that limit or not. The max graph height feature is only useful to me as long as one hour has >= max height reviews.


Hardly the most pressing issue, but the ‘current level’ text seems to wrap pretty weirdly for me:



How do you do the selection thing?


If you hover just above the graph (basically where the times are written) a little arrow will appear. You can then click and drag to get a sum of reviews over whatever time-span you want.


I see. That is due to a recent change where I added the count to both Current Level and Burn Items. I tested it with 2 digits, but not 3 (i.e. your 127 reviews). It makes enough space for the max number based on your number of reviews, and my test account only had a handful of reviews available.

Thanks for the bug notice!


:point_right: [ v7.0.20 ] - Add fixed-height to settings. Fix wrapping on Current Level and Burn Items.

@Powerpuncher @Radish8


Looks perfect, thank you!


For some reason this is no longer displaying on my dashboard :frowning:

Does it leverage any cookies or anything as I cleaned those out last night…

Edit: I can’t spell words.


Are you sure that Open Framework starts before Ultimate Time line?


Open your Javascript console (press F12 and click the Console tab) and see if there are any errors there. Also, like @Pep95 said, Open Framework needs to be first in the script list (when sorted by number).


Open Framework is the top dog :smile:

There appears to be one error when I open up the console in Firefox.

I’ve tried the old uninstall tampermonkey, reinstall tampermonkey to give it a go, but it didn’t seem to help. Sorry to be a bother :confused:


Ahh, database issue. Maybe need to try clearing the indexedDB (which probably gets cleared by clearing the site cache).

edit: Not sure if this is still relevant, but…


For whatever reason the buttons on the site referenced here were not working, so I manually cleared the cache and everything is working perfectly. Thank you!!