[Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline



Not sure if you want it to go all the way up, but either way it looks great!
chrome_2018-11-15_23-46-26 chrome_2018-11-15_23-46-12


Just found this in the suggested topics in my dashboard. What a great tool! Installed and running. Very, very useful. Thanks for making this :wink:


It was quicker to let it overrun the top, and actually visually indicates that it extends beyond the top.
I might go back in and add a clipping mask to make it sort of fade out… but not today :grin:


@rfindley I know you’re busy, but when you do have time could you update the script to display each day’s number of reviews somewhere? I’m constantly dragging my mouse across the whole day to see the number of reviews.

Maybe right next to the day on the red line. Though it could get a bit tight in some configurations, so another place might be better.


I would love this!


@rfindley I’m getting some console errors from the timeline when I have vacation mode on.


Unfortunately, very low on the radar. But if you can figure out some of the details, I may be able to take a few spare minutes to fix it.

Also, I like your idea for daily review count. I’ll probably add it eventually.


For some reason the code generating the error was minified, so it was hard to look into. But turning this script off made the errors go away, so I’m pretty sure it’s this.


Yeah, I have no doubt it’s the Timeline. Just figuring out how to deal with whatever WK does to the data during vacation mode is what I don’t really have the means (or time) to test.


:point_right: [ v7.0.16 ] - Fix radicals after Wanikani update.


@rfindley Hey friend. I’m running WUT on tampermonkey on firefox with the open framework as the only other app being used. For months now, my WUT has showed that I have no upcoming reviews and I have no idea what I could have done to break it. Any ideas?


I decided to try completely reset firefox by making a new profile with firefox.exe -P command. Reinstalled tampermonkey and open framework and WUT and it was then able to get the data it needed. Hope I didn’t waste any of your time.


Thank you very much! :ok_hand: Precisely what I was wondering about when I wandered over to this thread.