[Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline


Yep. Didn’t think it would be needed, due to assumption that one-unlocked always-unlocked.


I’ve set up a [link] on the wkstats site where you can send me your APIv2 key if you want.


I’m having weird issues with the time line:

The timeline is off by a couple of hours. Its currently 9:26 and its saying that i will have a review coming up at 9am. (In the screen shot its the first bar that is selected)


If you can send me your API version 2 key via my help page at https://www.wkstats.com/help/, I’ll take a look. Of course, I’m seeing this 6hrs after you posted it, so if the problem is no longer visible by the time you read this, it may be difficult to troubleshoot.

Is your PC’s time and timezone correct?


Ive submitted the API V2 code.

yes my time zone is correct and the problem is still present. Thank you for your help!


I might argue that https://www.wanikani.com/vocabulary/楽天主義 shouldn’t say ‘Available Now’ at the bottom, then!


I will try to get this to you later. Our work SSL gateway has broken the main wanikani page :frowning:

Edit: submitted via my phone.


I don’t see a timeline anymore for a couple of weeks.
I am using Firefox 60.0 (64 bit, Linux, since a couple of weeks) with Tampermonkey.
I am seeing this in the console:
indexedDB could not open! userscript.html:340:4

This probably means this is a Firefox bug, right?

I read about having a corrupted storage, so I removed the contents of storage/ in my firefox profile and re-installed tampermonkey and the scripts again. Same problem though.


In your Firefox settings, Menu -> Options -> Privacy & Security, what are your History options? It doesn’t work with “Never remember history” and “Always use private browsing mode”.

Also, what do you get when you run the console command mentioned here:


As best I can tell, it’s showing up properly on my browser.
It’s worth noting, this is not the first time this particular strangeness has been encountered. There’s one other user that I know of, and I didn’t have enough info to solve it without being able to interact with the code on the trouble-PC.

Is this something you’d be willing to screen-share sometime? I have a screen-share server I use for business.
Today is a holiday, and I have family coming over soon, so it would have to be later this evening or tomorrow. If you want to try screen-share, let me know what timezone you’re in, and when would be a good day and time for you.


I would be happy to yes, I’m in GMT timezone.


Thank you that was it. I did not change this setting for a long time, but either it was changed during an upgrade or the behavior changed. (as it was working before). I now remember changing this setting on another machine for similar reasons some time ago…


Actually, I have about 30min if you have time now.


yes i do have time


Thanks again for the screen-share time.
I’m going to put some keywords here so I can find this again quickly via forum search:

timezone timeline daylight savings offset


Why don’t you just bookmark the post? Haha


I have a gazillion bookmarks, so searching through them sometime down the road is going to be more difficult than knowing what to search for.


Hi, just installed this plugin. Get a weird issue where there’s no pop up info for one specific bar (batch of reviews).Having a hard time grabbing a screen shot with the example…The bar with the red highlighted box has no tooltip when I hover over it with the mouse. All the other bars work fine.


Could you send me your APIv2 key here:



Thanks for the help offer… In this case, though, I was using the opportunity to set up a Postgres database, a new Node.js server, and learn some new Node modules that I haven’t used before. Not exactly good timing for collaboration, though I can point you to the tutorials I was following if you’re interested.