[Userscript]: WaniKani Ultimate Timeline


Can you try refreshing?

Still the same I’m afraid.

OH. Just noticed that section is generated by a script.

You’ll need to talk to the script author about that one. It is an easy fix for them.

The CSS styling was using on the id, but has been updated to class.

Huh, I thought that section has been turned into a base WK feature. Apologies for that, I’d have pointed it out had I known.

(I have no idea what script that is)

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It’s SRS Level Progress, but the creator hasn’t been active in months.


Hey, I’ve recently started to see timing issues in the timeline.

EG, Utimate Timeline tells me that I will get reviews at 7pm, and my next review box says available now, but they don’t actually appear until half an hour later.

I’m in a timezone that is a half-hour out from most of the rest of the world (Adelaide, UTC+9:30), so I wondered if that had anything to do with it.

I’ve checked my computer timezone and browser timezone, and they match my actual timezone, so I don’t think it’s me.


Do your reviews normally become available at the half-hour in your timezone? For example, ignoring what the timeline says, do your reviews normally become available at, say, 7:30 instead of 7:00?

I’ve been using timeline forever, but I’ve only seen this happen in the last week or so. I sit there and count down the minutes sometimes, so I think I would have spotted if it wasn’t on the hour previously.

I’ll turn off the timeline script and check what time reviews pop up, just so you know what the normal situation is. :slight_smile:

Long ago, Wanikani released reviews every 15 minutes, but about a year ago they changed it to every hour. So, when I upgraded the Timeline script recently (a few weeks ago), I wrote it so it assumes everything happens at the start of the hour… and I didn’t think about timezones with 30-minute (or any other partial-hour) offset.

I’m assuming the normal experience in your timezone is that people will always receive their review at XX:30. I’ll have to figure out a good way to implement that :thinking:

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Some places have quarter-hour deviations too.


This is why coders hate time, lol.

Actually, it’s interesting, but there’s so much to get wrong.
I try to rely as much as I can on Javascript’s built-in handling of locale, but what I didn’t anticipate in this case was the fact that WK still deals out reviews at a non-hour offset from the local time, so relying solely on locale info doesn’t help.


Wanikani minus the timeline ultimate is telling me that my reviews will be in 45mins, which is half-past the hour.

So yes, it looks like my reviews do appear on the half hour!

We are timezone agnostic… Don’t know why reviews are being released at the :30 mark. When an available_at gets generated and saved it is always top of the hour at UTC.

We also updated all assignments to be top of the hour when we made the switch, so we shouldn’t have any timestamped otherwise.

I’ll do a quick query and see if this is still the case.

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If you’re timezone agnostic, then this would happen. If you release reviews at the top of the hour GMT, then that would be half hour (or quarter) release in certain places.



I think Wanikani’s side is fine. Since she’s in a half-hour offset timezone, my Timeline (which tries to report things in local time) is telling her the reviews are at the start of the hour because that’s a wrong assumption I made. I bundle ranges of time starting at the beginning of every UTC hour, rather than at the beginning of the local hour.


Ahh okay. I understand the issue now.


You guys are all awesome, you know that?

So summarising:

WK reviews arrive in my timezone at NN:30, rather than NN:00.

Ultimate Timeline assumes reviews will be on the hour, and so tells me a review will be available at NN:00, when it’s actually available half an hour later, at NN:30.

I don’t mind if my reviews are at NN:00 or at NN:30, but WK will know whether it’s desired behaviour that I get reviews at NN:00 or NN:30.

UT and WK can sync up as long as they know how each other is doing the time-thingy.

Fab. :slight_smile:


:point_right: [ v7.0.12 ] - Support sub-hour timezones.

Hopefully, I didn’t break anything :sweat_smile:
Testing went well, though.

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OMG, thank you. Such responsive.

I just installed it to check (right before it flipped over to 9am here).

The only odd thing is that at 8:59, the hover over showed that 8:30am had 200 reviews (I’ve had a couple bad days), and when it turned 9am, those reviews all moved to the 9:30 timeslot. So it kinda looks like I don’t have anything right now, but will get 202 at 9:30am.

I’m sure I’ll get used to that, and I suspect it’s unavoidable with WK updating on the hour, but I kinda wish that the 8:30am reviews stayed at 8:30 until the 9:30 additions.