[UserScript] WaniKani Quick Info

Thanks to Ethan for this really nice UserScript.

I made my own version with a few bug-fixes and changes.

previous item display should now be impossible. (I think this can occur on stock WK, without any scripts...)
for me this only occurred under extreme lag, when you opened the info, gave up, answered the next question, opened the info, then old data showed up because the previous data request completed.
now it checks if the requested question is still the current question upon data request completion.

pressing space while waiting for data to load.
now things are not re-hidden on data load completion.
this bug was the primary reason I started meddling with this script.

fixed a bug in the original version where the data was getting re-requested upon hiding the pending info screen, not just upon displaying.
not sure what was causing this, but it doesn't seem to happen in this version.

other changes:
added User Synonyms to the waiting screen.