[UserScript] WaniKani Lightning Mode

Not sure if this is just me, or if WK was recently updated, but with lightning mode enabled audio no longer plays on reviews.

WaniKani recently made changes to how audio playback works which cause this script’s audio playback to break. I doubt this script will be updated with a fix. Instead, you could try using the DoubleCheck script, which is made by the same person, works with the new audio changes, and has its own lightning mode functionality already included. If you do that, make sure to disable or uninstall this script so that they won’t conflict with each other. Also, note that right now, people seem to be experiencing some audio related issues in the current version of DoubleCheck, but there is a version here which includes some fixes I made that people have reported resolving their audio issues.


Thanks a lot for notifying about this and fixing the script. I freaked out a bit ^^’

This script suddenly stopped working for me today…

So I searched around but could not find an obvious reason. Maybe it’s just me. :woman_shrugging:

Anyways, I went and installed the Double-Check script instead:

I thought I’d leave this note here in case somebody else encounters the same issue.


Thanks @NicoleRauch! It stopped working for me as well, but only the part where correct answers move me to the next card. The correct answer remains and I have to tap Enter again in order to move on. I’ve reinstalled it, but I’ll wait a bit to see if there’s anything else to do to get it working right.

Thanks for the Double-Check recommendation.


Could it be related to this somehow? :eyes: :thinking:

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Hmmm, don’t really think so… The issue, just like Sarahpczhou said, is that the script does not „press enter“ any more to move to the next page. But the button element is still found in the script, and the keypress is still triggered afaict, so I could not find the underlying issue. But during that time I could operate WK manually just fine, no slowness or anything :woman_shrugging:


I have the same issue. Last night it was fine, this afternoon (2pm PDT) it’s not functional.

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I was able to get this fixed by changing the jQuery event used to press the advance button on line 125 over to use the .click() function instead, which is the same method employed by Wani Kani Double Click:

diff --git main.js main.js
index a4901df..a8f97f5 100644
--- main.js
+++ main.js
@@ -121,10 +121,7 @@ wklightning = {};
                         // Auto-advance.
                         if (advance) {
                             var srs_notice = $('#question-type .srs').detach();
-                            // Simulate an <enter> on the submit button.
-                            var event = $.Event('keydown');
-                            event.keyCode = 13; event.which = 13; event.key = 'Enter';
-                            $('#answer-form button').trigger(event);
+                            $('#answer-form button').click();

I’m not a JS person so I’m not sure why this broke exactly, but my guess is something in Chrome or Tamper Monkey changed.

@rfindley Any chance you’re around to potentially cut a new release for this? After finding Lightning Mode, I can no longer use WK without it and don’t really want to switch to another script :wink:


It stopped working for me as well very recently. Like others, using Wanikani without this has become more of a chore.

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I never realised how much time I save on reviews until this plugin stopped working. Like it took me twice as long to do my daily reviews. Kinda crazy to think about.

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Thanks for the fix, also works in Safari. I believe they changed something on the WaniKani side though, because I haven’t updated Tampermonkey (or Safari)


It stopped working for me too just today; it was instantly noticeable and just makes doing reviews feel so ‘wrong’ without it! Thanks for the Double-Check link in the meantime, though I hope the original gets fixed as there are a few quirks to Double-Check that I’m not a fan of.

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NP! And interesting to hear that it broke in Safari too. In that case — yep, more likely a WK-initiated breakage, although I have no idea what.

This broke on firefox (which idk how no one mentioned? It is clearly 100% superior to all the other browsers listed :sunglasses:)



The thing is yapping at me. Problem detected? :face_with_monocle:

(it has a little red X on the line you mentioned)

Big thanks to the author for not maintaining the script properly, I have now discovered the infinitely superior double-check script

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The same person made both scripts :slight_smile:

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Absolute legend.

He/She should definitely link double-check in the original post!

And add this to this one: condemned XD

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Done! Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:


Also, sorry for the slow response, folks. For the last week, I’ve been in a secure facility without access to phone or email.

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