[Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter

I’d like to share the additions I made to your user script. Is that ok? Do I just publish it as a new user script and list you in the credits?

I don’t really mind. If you think there could be a lot of interest, posting it as a new script with credit makes sense, so people have a better chance of seeing it. Is it an entirely new concept or just some slight tweaks/additions to my script? What changes did you end up making?

I’m working on a “daily coach” userscript, which asks about your day, then recommends lessons, reviews, and review times for today – to optimize your speed without burning out.

It uses the more complex filter & ordering algorithms others have already made, but hides them behind a ridiculously simple interface, so “normal” users can use it :slight_smile:

I used your script as the foundation of the lessons filter, and I’m starting work on the reviews part next.

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Currently, I just added a “Recommend” button to your current button layout. The button fills in the recommended lessons for the day. Then I hit “Filter”.

Pretty minimal, but part of my “big plan” :slight_smile:

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A major use case for the script is to do the same number of lessons every day, which should result in consistent level up time and balanced workload. But it’s not necessarily to minimize level up time. For example, I did 12 lessons every day, consisting of 3 kanji and 9 vocab.

It’s great that you can get your approach to work with the script, but since it’s just one approach of many, I wouldn’t want to build that into the script itself.


That algorithm would leave the first day quite empty the further you get, which would be a shame (because there are fewer and fewer radicals).
And 40 lessons in one day is asking for reviews that come back to bite you over and over: I did the lessons of the first 10 levels too fast and am paying the price now (because even if you get them to master easily enough, they pile up with new lessons later).
This script is helping me to even them out more…(I usually do 15-25 depending on the day)


makes sense. Your solution is very flexible solution and covers many use cases.

I’ll make a new userscript for my case, and credit you for the code I’m borrowing :slight_smile:


Great if that works for you :blush:

(For me doing 5 radicals one day vs 39 vocab lessons another day makes no sense)


so just to be clear, the lesson filter helps with speeding up level times by moving radicals to the front of lesson queues?

The script lets your manage your lesson load. If you want to do your radicals first, you can set the radical input to blank, and the kanji and vocab inputs to 0. This will remove all kanji and vocab lessons for that session, allowing you to do the radicals first. But the script does not reorder lessons, meaning that if you keep radicals, kanji, and vocab it will use WaniKani’s default ordering (which may or may not have other items before the radicals depending on your situation).


interesting. I’m still trying to figure it out I suppose.

Did you read the instructions in the OP?

Hi, unfortunately this userscript does not seem to load for me on the lesson page. I am using chrome and Tampermonkey. Any idea how I can make use of it as it seems pretty useful? Thank you

Did you start the lesson session? Scripts that affect lesson or review contents don’t trigger on the overview pages, they operate once you start the session.

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Thanks for the reply, I did start the session but unfortunately cannot see the content generated by the scripts. I am at the point where I would prefer to prioritize new radical for level 2 rather than doing vocabulary for lesson 1.

Do you have the open framework script as no.1 in tampermonkey?

Apologize it is fine now. I misunderstood that it is activity when you actually start the lesson, not on the lesson screen before actually starting the lesson. Thanks a lot!

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You don’t need Open Framework for Lesson Filter by the way. :slight_smile:

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oh lol, nvm then.

Just wanted to say thank you for publishing (and maintaining!) this script!

I just made it to level two, so I wanted to get the new radicals down ASAP - no problem thanks to the script :slight_smile:

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