[Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter

I’m glad you’re enjoying the script!

How many kanji and vocab lessons do you do each day? As long as you don’t mind the occasional day with less/zero vocab lessons, just increasing the number of vocab you do each day should resolve your issue. At the very least it would ensure that you learn the previous level’s last vocab before the current level’s last kanji. I often did 12 lessons a day, 3 of which were kanji and 9 of which were vocab, which worked well for me.

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At the moment I’m reining in my enthusiasm and moving very slowly, doing just five lessons a day (2 kanji and 3 vocab), to give the new baby habit a chance to take root. I’ve also got a massive vacation coming up soon, and I don’t want to face a huge wall of reviews when I get back.

It’s too early to say what the steady state will be, but I’m aiming for slow and steady, probably not more than ten lessons a day, to allow time to concentrate on other aspects of the language that I enjoy more (grammar, listening, speaking, pitch accent).

Thanks, I’ll try that.

Learning kanji is not fun for me, so I’m trying to reduce the activation energy for starting my lessons by making the process as mindless and automatic as possible, reducing the number of decisions I have to make at each session, etc. That’s why I was daydreaming of an algorithm that would dynamically calculate the perfect mix of lessons for me without my having to set it myself. Hmm, next I’ll be wanting a script that learns my lessons for me.

Thanks for your advice. That mix might work well for me, too.

Hi I just found this script and I really enjoy it. I basically just use it to cut down the number of lessons when I’ve reached my goal lesson amount for the day, without having to travel deep into the settings menus to do this. I.e. If I want to do 17 vocab a day but my account setting is for 5 at a time, I can do three batches of 5 then just set it to do 2 vocab on the last lesson batch rather than having to do 20.

One thing I would really appreciate is if this plugin had a minimize option like WK Ultimate Reorder script does, to just hide the details and make it a collapsible bar. The bright colors in the input boxes are very visually distracting when I’m doing my lessons and make it harder for me to focus on the actual lesson content. Is that possible? Not sure if anyone has already requested this or if there’s a similar User Script for limiting lesson amounts that has this option?

Hi, this script look great… but… I’ve installed it, and I can’t see the input box anywhere. Am I doing something silly?

I’m using chrome on a mac and Tampermonkey says the script is installed. I expected to find the box in the settings near where the lesson ordering option is, but there’s nothing there.

Please forgive my n00biness.

Do you have the WK open framework script installed and set to run first? I can’t remember if this script requires it, but if it does that might be the problem.

Thanks for this. I realised just after my first post that I didn’t and installed it, but it doesn’t seem to have fixed the problem. I’m running through the scripts on the awesome Ultimate Guide list and adding all the ones that seem useful for me, so far I’ve added 9 or so, and all of them work except this one.

When you say “set it to run first”, do you mean I need to edit the order they initialise? I’ve set OF to number 1 in Tampermonkey, but that doesn’t seem to have fixed it either.

You don’t need open framework for this script.

This script only runs on the lesson page, not the settings page. If you do new lessons, you should see it.


I have the same problem, recently I switch from windows to mac and couldn’t properly instal this Script. Let me know if you find an answer.

What exactly do you have set up? Are any of your scripts working?

Hi, thanks for writing and sharing all these!
Suggestion/comment: I think this little fact “script only runs on the lesson page, not the settings page” might be important to write/share in the Recommended Workflow.

I don’t use script often. I just read through posts, the userscript [WK lesson Filter] and several other userscript posts. Naturally I wanted to check it out/use it right away and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t seeing the “Items to Learn” box like everyone else. I was on a 2-hr waiting period so, no Lessons! It wasn’t showing up in the WK settings but Step 1 made me THINK that it might/should be in settings (settings in settings seems to make sense!?). Would have saved time searching for this little post all the way at the bottom of the thread :slight_smile: #worthit

Think adding that one line would help other ppl not as familiar with script to benefit from your hard work.

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I’ve clarified the instructions a bit, so let me know if they make more sense now. Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

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@seanblue I finally got a chance to test it out when a lesson populated today, and it’s working great on Chrome! :slight_smile:
re [workflow desc]: (I do a lot of copyediting, but my opinion is one of many) I feel that adding in a little more would clarify a lot for novices and still keep it short/concise for the script savvy. “When doing lessons, you will now see the selection box to type in the total number of radicals, kanji, and vocab”

On a separate note, which userscript would you recommend if I want the system to give me ALL of the radicals (or kanji or vocal) of a certain (entire) level in 1 sitting? (WK system parses out lessons/holds lesson items back). Situation: I’ve studied JA before and I want to power through until I get to a level where I’m facing at least 50% new characters. At this rate, there is a high risk of my getting bored and quitting, which I don’t want. Thanks in advance for your thoughts & advice :love_letter:

PS. also read the Ultimate Guide, script descriptions etc. Pls don’t think I’m asking willy nilly without doing homework. Asking because I’m really starting to die slowly from the slowness. I do lessons/reviews everyday, 95%+ accuracy and it’s been over 3 wks on level 5. Pulling out my hair :cry:

I think that should be pretty apparent on the UI, no?

This cannot be changed by any scripts because this is blocked on the server side.

I’d recommend reading this post by someone who was already pretty advanced before they joined WaniKani.

Also, I’m curious, about how many kanji would you say you know?

I think your process definitely needs to be adjusted then, and hopefully reading the Ultimate Guide and using this script can help you along. You should be able to level up in 8-10 days pretty easily using this script if you do the necessary number of lessons each day. (Max speed per level is 6 days 20 hours.)


How many lessons have you been doing every day? For max speed, one should do around 20 lessons/day.

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Not unless one is familiar with script and know where to physically expect the UI to populate. (remember I first approached you b/c I wasn’t seeing the magic box?) Gave myself a crash course to scrub up on scripts since :wink: Again, my opinion is only one of many.

ah… thanks for the article link, I read it.
I guess when ppl keep writing “I do all the radicals first when I level up” simply means they do all the lessons:radicals when the system offers them. Thought there might be a way to tickle the machine to give me more lol.

Yeah, I’ve been tracking my level-ups and for some reason Lv 5 is at 18 days now. Maybe 98% accuracy on any item (including vocab) is the magic number to keep going at the fastest pace…hmm. I’ve hit 95% and 80/something on a review with 6 items and got the corresponding english wrong. (I was trying to honor the “this is learning” moto, but now, screw this) – I will go for max accuracy over learning (for now)!

To put it simply, I learned JA as a spoken language.
Longer explanation: I have a very LARGE imbalance between my speaking comprehension/cultural nuance v. reading & writing. (ex. I have managed JP as a market in my work, so I can write/speak all the way up to keigo, play in subtle nuances, tones, contextual riffs and certain subject matter arenas, but couldn’t read back what I typed in an email after a coffee break or pick-up something and read it) I could easily pass the N1 if I guessed enough kanji correctly, but I’d like to ‘do it right’.

I joined WK for the kanji, but I love the vocab and radicals too. I’m loving it :heavy_heart_exclamation: I am bummed it won’t give me more lessons up-front and let me blissfully review to my heart’s content :smirk: dammit, WK is like my second s.o. :sweat_smile: :joy: Thanks a million @seanblue

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Hey @jprspereira read your posts and guide etc, great stuff!
re: I immediately do all the lessons it will give me; reviews too. (using WK 4-6x day; dashboard check every time I check emails throughout the day, so a lot) Think I’m going to abandon the honest spirit of “learning” for a few dozen levels and just focus on acing reviews to level-up fast (for now!) Will add a few @rfindley scripts this weekend :wink:

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Hmm, in those conditions I think you should level up pretty quickly (around 1 week). The important stuff is the radicals and the kanji. Make sure you get the timing of those right. I recently updated the guide, so it might be worth checking for new scripts, etc ^^

Let me know how it goes in 1 week or so :slight_smile:


@seanblue Nice script - very helpful. I just used it as a jumping off point for a script idea I’m testing out - a “recommended pace” for lessons

Do you happen to have a “WaniKani Review Filter” script too? I’d like to tweak that too…

PS: nice coding style. I was surprised how easy it was to edit your script. I’ve never written (or even looked at) a user script before, but within an hour I added a button and my logic, just by reading through your code. (I did write software for 20 years, but it’s been a decade since I coded)


I do not. I prefer to just do my reviews randomly, so I never felt the need to build a review version.

Thanks. :blush: I’m glad you were able to edit it to your liking. :slight_smile:

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