[Userscript] WaniKani Lesson Filter


Thanks for the response! Unfortunately I don’t think anything more than three characters would fit, so I definitely can’t go with 一回分の量. If batch is hard to translate, what about something like “set” or “group”? Something with 組 perhaps?


Or could omit の量 and say 一回分 if you want to do it in Japanese?

Ignore this because you didn’t ask me my opinion as a coder… :stuck_out_tongue: but considering the fact your users are studying Japanese in English, I personally like “Batch size” as is in English.
If you change it to 一回分 etc. users probably don’t understand the meaning. 部首 漢字 単語 are recognizable because we use them on WaniKani and the colors are unique to each, though. Could make it バッチサイズ, but it’s more than three characters :disappointed_relieved:


Not sure how this functions (does the green part show something, or users insert a number??), but if the Batch Size part will be showing the total number of items, you could use 合計 (at total) or something .


I had considered that as well. For that reason I might just go with バッチ. I figure they could sound it out. :smile:

The user inserts a number. Let’s say the user has their setting set to 5 for lesson batch size. This means by default they would do 5 lessons at a time. This input would allow them to change it on the fly without going back to their settings. It’s not really the total number of lessons, so 合計 wouldn’t be accurate.

Thanks again for talking all of this through with me. :blush:


バッチ sounds :ok_hand:, too!

Ohhh, that sounds useful! Good luck and let me know if there’s anything I can help✊


Version 1.2.0 is here! Now you can specify what batch size you want to use within your lessons!



Fantabulous, thank you very much, @seanblue. gives ice cream


Oh, huh, I don’t think I knew this existed. I’m mainly posting so I remember to install this on my laptop, but also thanks for making it. :+1: