[Userscript] Wanikani Item Inspector

Thanks for your efforts. I like the idea of supporting two versions for now. You are taking care of my users. :+1:

Thanks for the debugging. I knew fom looking at the console that the problem is an uninitialized fpresets array when the settings are not wholly undefined. You just confirmed that I was right.

I don’t have a repository. Posting here is perfect.

I agree that you are initializing the fpresets array correctly when it is empty. When i am back home i will check there is no unintended side effect (there should not be any) and merge your code.

This reminds me. If i start receiving fixes from other people i should put everything on github.

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Version 1.11.3 is now available - please download it at the top post.

I am not out of hospital and now I can take care of bugs.

This version fixes the bug that prevented existing users from loading Item Inspector. I don’t think this bug have affected new users. I am using @artemigos fix with a few more changes to get rid of other bugs I have found while testing this fix.

People who reverted to an older version can now use the mainstream version. Same for those who have modified their local copy of the script to use @artemigos 's fix.


Thanks very much for the update - works perfectly!
Hope you’re staying well :mask:

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Yes I am well. Thanks for caring.

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